Cover from issue 3 by Jose Varese

So It’s been a while since I’ve done one of thes,e but now I am figuring to do more than I ever have before, because I’m starting to see the light. I’ve gone full time with the art thing, while running the comic book shop and it’s not easy let me tell you. I have known others who took the same plunge and it is a constant battle with time and money, but when you do get up in the morning for work and have cash on hand made form th eink in your veins, it’s a good feeling.

Because of this I’m also getting a handle on other project I’ve had at hand and trying to figure out the next steps. I’m bring back ZOMBIE YEARS with new daily EPISODES coming up this week starting Monday, and republishing all the old series. I’m also working on new works for it, and new looks for it. Thats while I’m working on pitches and comics.

I’m also thinking of bringing the podcast back. I’m currently getting on stage again as a comedian and now think I have enough in me to keep it going and do more. Again the shop allows a lot for this to happen because I’m putting comics away I’m also putting together various social media plans and promotions while going forward.


So this is me touching base. I want to do this more. It’ s hard out here, Lonely. Mean. But it’s amazing at the same time. Just when you think the asteroid should hit, something finds you, somebody finds you, and makes it slightly less shitty. Find that, and you’ll be okay. We’re are here for you. I am here for you. Lets make it.



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  1. Itsnolez Avatar

    nice work juan Navarro! please follow me.. merci mon amie!


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