STATION ID: Beware the Narrative

The Corona Virus is in all time fuck fest ridiculousness, and have hunkered down in the Shop. I have supplies, and now powering my phone by plugging into my eyes ROLLING IN MY SKULL at all this shit.

I don’t know if part of me is just so disconnected I don’t care, or this is that moment that if you survive, relatives in the future asks you a million questions, like “How the fuck didn’t you see this happening?” you know like how Slavery, Segregation, etc.

We’ll be THAT generation that future people will look at like “WTF?” or something.

Either way we have to go forward. There is no other way. The rive runs one way and we can’t go against, or even stand still, but go with it, and swim. It’s not a current but a rip tide.

Will finally begin to bring CUPID out, this time I may just do it like I’m doing with my SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DEMONS pitch and use watercolor to make it pop. It’s been great fun, and the project i keep wanting to do around all the fucking bullshit I have to do, so yeah, that could be fun. I’m going to submit it to Webtoons for their short story contest. Speaking of which:


ZOMBIE YEARS is back! Or better said republish posting on WEBTOONS every week day! Yeah I do want to get back to this story and wanted and needed a place to post the comics again. Webcomics are like that first girlfriend that let you do kinky shit with them, and you remember them always for that. I wanted to keep that idea behind the series and make it available. WEBTOONS have been great for that, and you download and post on thier with APP support and website support to get your comic out. I think it’s what GRAPHICSMASH and MODERN TALES was trying to get to, but it was too early for it’s time!

I mean I have to get all this done before I get replaced by an AI. Don’t believe me?

I’m planning for this to be my Email list, I guess. A way for me to stay in contact with you and keep in touch with the world, while recording my thoughts. My more intimate thoughts, and project, will most like likely happen on my Patreon, but this will be looks into books I’m not ready to get the word out yet. Maybe more Voice Over videos and such and painting, BUT a majority of the finished work and insights will be on here. I am thinking of blogging about the comic shop on here too, because, well this could be a special year for us.

I’m looking at the marker board and the work I have and holy shit, it’s all doable if I don’t sleep or blink. These Blog posts will be/should be every Sunday , in the morning form now on. SIGN UP!

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You should be able to get this right to you Mail Box. Video work will be oncoming but exclusives and such will be on Patreon. RIGHT? Right.

Other ways you can support this website and my art endeavors, is BUY STUFF! I have shirts for sales on TEEPUBLIC, Comissions available ( if you want art) and I work freelance as an illustrator and portrait artist.

Any inquiries, let me know!





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