So how’s the end of the world in your neighborhood going?

The sign on the shop…

So this was the first week of Corona virus FUUUUUCKING shit up for everybody. How has your quarantine been going?

I’ll tell you for us here in Miami it hasn’t been really … anything. Other than that nasty underlying anxiety that shot is about to explode and go coocoo for Cocoa Puffs, it’s been good. Hell even productive. The one problem is the shit down. non-essential they say, but when non-essential to who? Comics are pretty fucking essential to me.

My shop the goblins Heist

We had to close to the public starting Thursday of all days , and it’s been fucking rough to say the least. We’ve been able to manage some hurtles and we think there will even be federal and local level help but for now we have tighten our belts for this shit storm to pass.

You know what is this was an actual shit storm, in that it’s is an actual storm raining down shit, I think we could manage better.

I have been able to draw though…

Cover for upcoming g mini comic TOMA! Starring Meathook from VIGIL
Upcoming illustration for HEX GAMES rpg module
Gesture drawings, which I did a whole live video about over on my Instagram @FWACATA

So there is that… you can find more insight and final scans on my PATREON BTW!

Click here to see more and support! will be covering more on the podcast later, I think on Wednesday.

So I will leave you with this one of the many many many Memes that I’ve got in all of this plague field fun that actually gave me a little perspective a little calm and help me get through

Keep calm and be good to each other, because this could really be the test.

See you next week…






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