Always do your own Stunts

So, lets see what spazzed out today…

So I’m messing around with the idea of doing a series of shorts to not only get my work out there, but also to make mini comics. I have a deep love for mini-comics, the zine looking comic lovingly hand folded and stapled together is such a cool way to experience comics. Really, it was my beginning, I made a comic back 1995 called Pocket Gods. Now of course at that time there was a little something that was called Pocket Monsters which later was called POKEMON, and well I had to change the title.

The first FIRST FIRST copy and my first comic.

I did about 3 issues but only printed two issues, because by then I kept getting fucking Pikachu references! They did see some movement, I used to offer it for free for the price of a Stamp. I made them by stealing copies from Office Depot.

Issue 2 cover….PHOTOSHOP BABY!

So then I made VIGIL. See, as a supposed Xenial, I think one of the main components of having an analog childhood was having both access to knowledge but not things and hence, you would just make you’re own shit up. I was in Bands, because I wanted to be in one. I heard Rollins Band and wanted to become Hammering Hank. I animated because I saw Akira, and learned the basics just to make a little tow bit animation at 15. I dug comics, and after seeing all the big names finding guys like Eastman and Laird, Sam Kieth, and the Hernandez Brothers making their own I made my own comics.

VIGIL has the earmarks of what all early comic creators make as their first comics. Big badass characters, save the world ideas, yadda, yadda. I think where i was different if that even then I didn’t want to do splash pages with just cool shit, but actual stories, and jokes. I wanted to make a drama, like Law & Order but with Superheroes pretty much. Even now the basic Structure of most of my superheroes stories are in that vain. I loved the X-men because it had a cast, so did Ninja Turtles, it wasn’t about one central character but the story. Thats why I tend to get into stuff like that.


So now what? Well I want another go. I have another approach, and ideas, and now wish to to Mini-comics again, small spurts I could bang out in a week and get going, then maybe collect later on. During this FUCKING QUARANTINE i have plenty of time to think and to plan, and that what Ive done for a while. I have other things, but it will be an underlying thing from now on, hopefully. I want to keep making comics for a while before my time is up. What with the shop kind of going to shit with all this, the world possibly ending, and just life in general, I’m going to make this thing I’ve carried with me for over 20 years. Buckle up Jerkies!
I think when you dedicate yourself to something long enough, you will find joy in it. Not the end result, in IT. DOING IT. MAKING IT.
With comics, its beat the leaving fuck out of you at all times. And in that:

“When you get the shit beat out of you, long enough, you’ll have a tendency to say what you really mean. You get the pretense beaten out of you.” – Charles Bukowski

This goes for a pursuit or art form or whatever. Once you get your ass kicked long enough, you will get to the point. Say Thanks and CHARGE at the bastards.

More on VIGIL later, as it happens


  • PODCAST is back up! If you were following the PATREON I was posting the newest one, THE CORONA EFFECT: Been meaning to get back to podcasting and what better time than at the end of the world, right? No? Nothing? I don’t think so and maybe you won’t either after hearing my reasons! We also delve into the ideas of effort and sacrifice and why waiting for that pat in the head should not happen! FWACATA is back AND I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Just use the anchor app and leave a message or hit us up here a or @fwacata online! Let’s do this!
  • Weekly Time Lapses are happening now. I tried Daily, but just not happening… for now.
  • Next week I maybe on the MIAMI GEEKS podcast if the virus doesn’t claim us all! Check out this week episode with another local bad ass OG GEEK. This helps the scene, GO! SUPPORT THE SCENE OR THERE IS NO SCENE!

Okay… I think thats everything. Probably not but what can come to mind right now. As always find me on social media and everything will be there or subscribe ere or there, and whatever else.

I know I’m being soooo productive but I miss being at a bar… if nothing else to know I am wasting time perfectly.



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