The Virus may get me, but not my soul

Full process of this sketch on my Patreon

Hello, from Hialeah. Where the weather has been nice and the paranoia even nicer. Like any creative worth their salt, I like so many others when I was met with the whole “stay inside, stay away from humans” situation that is quarantine, have excelled well past the limits needed or wanted.

Hialeah COVID count is going up and I already heard through the grapevine about a friend of a friend’s Father passing away from it. It’s already picked up it’s first comic book victim, and now seems to be on the prowl in the south. I am prepared, as always, but man this is getting on the paranoia big time.

I went into this in the podcast, but why am I not scared? I’m anxious yes, but I feel that this will pass and it’s going to be a terrible thing yes, but an inconvenience when we take it into account.
Am I that diluted?
I don’t know what I”m more afraid of, the virus, or the fact we might not learn shit form it, and when it’s all over we are going to be better for it, or go back to the same ridiculousness as always? I mean hardship helps right?

The again, I’m more screwed up bout whats going to happen after. I mean are we just gonna be doing the same bullshit, or are we going to change for the better?

And like that on my own it’s not that I’m vying for people no, but that I know who I like and who I don’t.

NEW PODCAST UP ON ANCHOR.FM and everywhere you listen to PODCASTS!

NEW PODCAST UP: I well went into a rant about the negativity that is out there. I think the main way to combat this is to get your head away from all the network populist ways of thinking. Other than a few key sources, like certain newspapers and such, I don’t really read past anything else. I don’t like personalities being behind my news either, I don’t care what someones opinions might be about…whatever. Just give me the facts.

ZOMBIE YEARS is still kicking with a new episode every WEEKDAY. I’m trying to make it a viable source of income in it’s webcomics form. A while back, during the convention craze, it did really well for me and garnered lots of praise, and paid for it’s spot at cons. Since Leaving it to pursue TOMMY full time and leaving it on the way side I came back to reinforce it and bring it back to the game.
IT IS NOT NEW: These were the pages as they ran when was up (I lost the domain since then, when at a critical point needed to be renewed I was in the middle of a messy break up and semi homeless, it is now in the hands of some Asian Hacker asshats) so then I just went on with what I had to get the ball rolling again.
Right now as it stands, I’m at about 660 and need to get to 1000 subscribers so I can get it to start making money off advertisement. This will be key to keeping it going and also I think about getting it out there to a larger audience during these times, is viable as entertainment. Print to me is not dead, but it is definitely ON HOLD. I do want to finish the series and the years since then have given me more ideas than I could possibly get to, but I don want to do them. Once we get to issue 9 in the web series, I think I’ll hit it then. Until that time, I will write and get it going again. I already have a t-shirt idea for this Tuesday. T-shirts you say?

Visit my designs at TEEPUBLIC, with new designs every TUESDAY!

Yeah i have almost ginormous backlog of shirts I want to make and ideas I want to try and now seems such a good time as any. I have some up on TEEPUBLIC but will be putting more up every TUESDAY as we go.

I love t-shirts, and have several bins of them as a collection here and in my storage. The art of a good t-shirt is a fickle thing, and maybe I will get into it later. I like to wax poetic on it sometimes, like the portraits I’m doing. Wait, portraits YOU SAY?!?

Inside look on Patreon of some of the Portraits I‘ve been commissioned to do and more. The one on top is the latest, but I’ve done a huge amount more, I have this one client just getting me to do so many, I’ve loved it. You can see a breakdown of what I’m doing and some of the more risque pieces in there too. Subscribe! I’ll be putting more exclusives up soon just on there!

Other than that i have been catching up on reading (TROPIC OF CANCER and ZEN & THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE) and watching what I can. Just saw the Louis CK’s new special, and it was awesome. I think this whole thing that happened to him gave him a license to do whatever the fuck he wants. I mean he was doing it before, but he is really batting 1000 here. I highly recommend it and it’s worth the 8 bucks.

Watched the COMEDY GIVES BACK LAUGH AID special on youtube, and it was fun, but FUUUUUCK, at times I feel inadequate as a comic, and watching this WAS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES. OY Vey. Most of my favorites were great as always but some of these fringe ones and some big names were just like deer in headlights shitty. I don’t blame them they were doing good things, GREAT THINGS, but FML, it was bad at times. Oh and some people are just glory hound fucks. They suck. If you watched you know who.
Either way go give and help out.

Go out and help anyway! Asks you local politicians on social media how to help and you’ll find a bunch of ways to do it. Like here in Hialeah, follow Annette Collazo’s page, she’s not only running for office, but leading the local here in Hialeah and helping spread the word and being a great resource! Check her out and her IG, and even her Linktree! She’s the real deal!

So stay home, but grow. Use this time we have to bring yourself to another level. Pray, Meditate, Read, Draw, sing, hum, center yourself, do whatever voodoo you do so well, and get to where you need to be. After all this, we may have to work our asses off, so be ready but most of all..


See you next week!


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