Is complete idiocy a symptom?

Christ on a crutch, this week has been both a blur and a slog through mud, at least mentally! Who else feels this way?

How are you guys?

Here in Miami, Hialeah to be exact, where it rained pretty hard today and I found myself quoting old people around here, and saying “we needed it” only because maybe it’ll slog away the mind fuck that is this virus. At least this…FOG… that seemed to have descended. I had many conversations today which kind of woke my brain, but now as I sit to work all I have is an itch to not be here. It’s amazing. All the times I think or have thought, about being able to just sit down and create, and now after some time, all I want to do is not be here and just be … out. Not here. anywhere. It’s maddening to say the least.


TIME LAPSE THIS WEEK: So there was a hashtag running around Instagram labeled #SIXFANARTS and after setting out the call, its actually very cool to see all the suggestions:

1. The Undertaker
2. Frank Castle aka the Punisher
3. The Violator (clown style)
4. Eddie Riggs (brutal legends)
5. Alpine (gijoe)
6. Sophia (Golden Girls)
I think thats a hell of a team right?

T-shirt this week continues being form the back catalog but I will make a real REAL run at getting some of the new designs I have up for this week, but check it out:

WE ARE VENOM is a design form last year, but a real loved one, but unknown, so I decided to get it out. You can get it as a t-shirt to poster or even an oversized tapestry too!

Sometimes you have to stretch your legs and draw something outside your comfort zone. Like this copy of the classic Marvel Trading card of VENOM, I did a more loose brushy reproduction.

Here s a great piece of promo art for upcoming candidate for the Florida House of Representatives for district 110, Annette Collazo, a Great candidate and good friend that I’m excited to help on her recent campaign. This was a thank you image we did for recent donors and people have really dug it, and I was happy to give some of my time and talent to help her on here way. If you live in Hialeah check out her website, and know she’s the real deal! vote for her in November and give to her campaign!


I’m getting down with some nitty gritty as another week of quarantine and world insanity continues and I’m here holding your hand so you can get a grip on the world and together we can get through this gracefully like a deer jumping through the woods or a knife between the ribs! Sssssshhhhhhhhhhhh hut up! We get into keeping your sanity at home and the creative steam engine inside you hot! What to do during this time! Also, DICK OLYMPICS , Tinder during the down fall of man, COMICS HUB AND THE FUTURE OF COMICS AS A BUSINESS Aaaaand More!

PATREON has been booming, thanks to new patrons and more people being involved! I love it, it makes this whole endeavor less lonely and more rewarding. I did mostly PATRON only blogs this week, so if you want to take a look at some exclusive stuff, including painting timelapse and first look at my next comic MAGIC CITY, for just a buck a month, take a look at it!

ZOMBIE YEARS is pumping away, now almost done with issue 3 (ALREADY?!?) and has prompted me to start thinking about issue 10 once it starts and what we’ll be doing after that. FUN! Hard fucking work but FUN!

Next week:

More timelapse videos, more practice, plans for an online comic book making class with fellow creator Kenny Calderon on Zoom. Details to come.

GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS FOG! It’s fucking horrid. I need to exercise I need to move. My hermit tendencies have always served me well, but recently need to be more invigorated. Will have to reach down deep and find it. We are not out of this yet. Its fucking sucks, but we are NOT OUT OF IT YET. I repeat:


Calm down, it will be over but reach down and find the next motion you need to do, and be in the present. Find yourself in all this, find yourself in others ( on the internet) and awaken as best as possible. We have a bit to go. Hold on. You can do this.


I’m becoming this guy, I swear



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