The screens are looking back

THIS IS MY MOOD as of late. This picture and event encapsulates my current situation. I will leave this here for people to mull over. Nothing more.

Grumble grumble… WUNDERLIST is going away, and I wonder what next task management thing am I going to use to ignore while working. I used it really more to jot down ideas, and list them for me to remember as easy as “Shit to draw” , “Ideas to make” “Ideas for others to make” and “Put in your food hole” to name a few. I ma not fancy with myself, i make things for me, and then others not the other way around, so when I do something for my eyes and brain, they have such titles.

I think about this magic window we use, and how many of them are looking back at us. We seem toonly delve into them as these windows into other worlds, but besides the constant hacking and spying out there, whats do they really see? How much truth are they finding. It sure as heel not being given the truth considering the shittiness of real life, and how much is it missing out on, considering the incredible beauty out there. It’s a conundrum, another question for God sort of thing.

How are you? Alive and well, or just…well…

Exclusive from the Patreon!

This week started with wanting to punch said screens as I decided on a long form video going over one of my sketchbook. This did not happen, and it ended up being an pain in the ass to get off my phone and into the internet. I movie being what it is, is proprietary nightmare of bullshit string to pull once you have the thing done, but things being as they I didn’t feel like spending money on any particular program. FOR NOW. I have it done, and will be putting it up today for Patrons to enjoy. It’s a nice Sketchbook tour of one of my first Fabriano sketchbooks I like to use for drawing. It will be available to everyone late in the week but if you want to enjoy it, and some of the other exclusives I have on there, first and without restraint, just chuck a buck a month into the coffers at Patreon. I mean whats a buck?

I also posted this:

This week’s Time Lapse!

Also a new T-shirt design available on TEEPUBLIC:

AM I LOGAN? design done by me. I actually had this in my back pocket for a while now!
“Am I Beast or Am I human
Am I just like you
Healing Factor seething
Really reeling
Reaching out for you
Am I Logan?
Who needs to know”
WOLVERINE X DANZIG = LOGAN homage to two badasses, enjoy! And take a look around and see what other design I have available!


APR 16 35 MIN
HOLY GEEZ HIS EPISODE WAS A PAIN IN THE A$$!?! Some technical difficulties but we got it down on the fourth take: we tackle some of the fundamentals that have come up from being in Quarantine ; the difference between being ALONE and being LONELY and what that means for a person we also try to put on our conspiracy theories hats and wax poetic about the possible end of the world if this is an apocalypse or is this an awakening oh well having a laugh LOL

Listen to it here, Spotify, Itunes or on where you can call in! This has been fun to do again, but I hope it actually engages people at all and doesn’t meander. I think sometimes I get myself against the clock and suddenly blather instead of being concise. I’m fixing that. I think.

MAGIC CITY is going, and going well. I’m very happy with the book. I will be releasing more notes on my Patreon as timed exclusives, but this I had to share now because I am a FUCKING GENIUS:

I mean COME ON! FINGERBLAST™ wasn’t taken?!? Mine now! WHOOO! Drew these with my trusty P700 pens btw, my favorite writing instrument for like 15+ years.

Zombie Years just closed out it’s third issues on WEBTOONS

We just ended with an EUSEBIO short that foreshadows one big ass development in the series!

So as always a productive week. I am tired, helping a friend with her campaign, working on a new zine layout for another, and now have oodles of portrait projects sitting around as well as paintings. It’ s been good, Patreon is up, Freelance is up, and have tons to do and money in my pocket. Of course my head is left a little empty and yearning but what is the life of an artist if not a bit empty and yearning, right?

Fuck yeah I know.

Looks like people are going stir crazy sure enough. I think everybody wants to go back to normal but fun normal and not the really shitty normal we drag ourselves through everyday. Thats a whole other bag, really. What about you, how is your cage holding up? Is it keeping you in, or all the bad shit out? Remember the screens are watching…

…until otherwise, BE GOOD. See you next week.

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