Good God, Lemon, your breath! When did you find time to eat a diaper you found on the beach?

Watching 30 ROCK recently and I can’t help but admire how good the show is. It’s still funny, still poignant, still even relevant. Amazing. Its something to look at at as a piece of writing, and in developing MAGIC CITY it’ something I want to get in there. Possibly.

Okay, this is going to be a short one, this week has been heavy and next week is heavier, believe it or not:

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”
– Oscar Wilde

So got these new color pencils, and started using it in my sketchbook and working it through and really got something going. It’s amazing
When their breath meets yours, and there is nothing else in the universe. A simple image to reflect upon when you are locked in your room blasting music-making those heartstrings swell, thrum, jump and shout, letting your soul crack.

Dig it.

The Teepublic store is growing and supposedly I might have masks soon. WHAT? It’s an opportunity! Plus we are probably all going to have to make it a thing sooooo, wow not get in on it?

This podcast is just me for me to hear my ideas my loves my grievances and so much more but mostly to break the monotony. And no bigger man or not monotony can be out there then what’s happening with the quarantine from the PlayStation network breakdown to the Internets to just being in the present it’s all about breaking that fog

On Patreon, I’ve been a little silent, but I do need to see about having some of the painting work up/ I’ve done a bunch of new stuff but want it to be great post, so decided to lay off. Here is some preview of my paint try out, or sketches, that I’ve been doing to get into the groove.

I’m also, just starting, kinda mingling with, just touching with digital drawing, I have CLIP Manga Studio (it’s comic components are appealing) and this is definitely old dog learning new tricks. I really hate the feel but the tools are just too good. I may do my pencils still by hand but the chance to mess around with inks and color is too great. Or maybe work in reverse? I don’t know but taking the plunge. Here’s a sneak peek:

….aaaaand thats it. Sorry for not beefing this up more, but I’m currently trying to tackle a bunch of opportunities, I now have to really nail it down. I may have to go deeper into my shell, maybe. Yeesh.


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