This is a short one just banging it out. Working hard on getting grants and money for myself and the shop. We’ll be okay, but you cannot sit on your ass right now for all of this. Vigilance is the real feeling of the Quarantine.

Open Yours Eyes, Move your Ass, or somebody is going to eat your lunch!

This week’s stuff:


Hello everyone back again with another sketch cover. This time I decided to tackle one of the sketch covers I have a crap ton of, which happens to be the storm number one sketch cover has been laying around for a while I have like four or five of these for some reason. Is that a taco this just in black away with ink and try to get a nice flesh tones and everything else going on just all the black-and-white kind of ink finish. Planning on doing more of these as the weeks go on hope you take it with a little theme song there and if you’re looking to get something done like this my commissions are open! Check this one out and all the other videos too and on Instagram! This is for sale, $75

FOR ALL THE COMIC MAKERS OUT THERE, A new take on an old fishing shirt:
Rocking this, I don’t know if this design should be a shirt or a FLAG.

 Just touching base with you this week and trying to present a couple of different arguments both the pro and con about not only society but also this whole quarantine kind of bullshit that we lived going through. I know there’s a lot of conspiracies out there and I try to break them down, the thinking and everything else all in this little podcast and I don’t think I did enough but maybe just maybe there might be an inkling for you and something you can get out of it. Plus I talk about art for like a second. OK that sounds good

Giving REZ #1 out, as I work on the new series, for my Patreon, for PATRONS ONLY! But don’t fret: JUST GIVE A BUCK AND YOU GOT IT! More and more of my comics will be rolled out on there as I go. HERE”S A SMALL PREVIEW:

Also posted some stuff about my influences in t-shirt design and some more on there for you to check out.

I’m typing this Sunday morning at 2:30 am, listening to Dina Hashem’s Podcast on Patreon, well worth the money, and tired from our fun and awesome attempt at FREE COMIC BOOK DAY with FINE PRINT SHOP. Giving away a little zine we made for our customers. It wasn’t bad got to see some clients I haven’t seen in a while and hang with customers, but FUCK I forgot how much the shop would fry any and all drawing out for the day. Hmmmmm.

This begs thinking about balancing all this when the world comes back into being and how I’m going to do things. Thats the question, isn’t it? What or who are we going to be on the other side of all this? The time to work on that is now, people. BE WARNED: ARE YOU PREPARED FOR NORMALCY!?!



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