Why is it that the NEW NORMAL make me want to burn things down?

Is this the last of Quarantine? Even I want out of the bunker. It’s odd, because it’s everything I love, but a recent trip to Target, of all places, made me suddenly want to be out, to a day out, the street, to wander for the sake of wandering.

Welcome back to new a week. I’m back on the horse again, posting after taking off last week. Busy with Freelance, and well, life actually. Been doing the hermit thing, and it’s been fun, I’m great company, but fuck if it’s not unhealthy to be alone for so long, I can see where the edges start to come apart.

Everyone talks about getting back to Normal, and they are now rolling out this whole NEW NORMAL thing, and I want to burn it all down. Mentally at least. What is this rush to go back to how things were? How does this serve people? How does this help? I can’t help but feel the tendril of perception or paranoia get into place and that this is has a more sinister agenda to make us believe some of this shit is normal. II think my biggest problem is that people don’t question it. Normal wasn’t good. When ha sit ever? So to get back to it, so fast is the plight of the cowardly and complacent. Then again I could be just ruminating because it’s a world where I was suffering. I do better now. So yeah not my steeze to say the least. I will be on guard.

I don’t like to post a lot about it, because you, like me, are probably fucking BORED to shit with this already, so lets change the subject, right?

Been Lettering a project that is pretty cool:
The Chronicles of Shara Malise
written by Keith Wade, Pencils Kenny Calderon and colored by Daniel Dulitsky (both studio Mates of Mine here at Goblins Heist) I’m pretty happy at the pages as they come out

I will post more new about it later, once it comes out! I know there is a plan for crowdfunding when it comes out. I think its a very cool project, not only because of the concept and art, but it’s made by us all Creature Entertainment Alumni, you could say. Kieth was an Actor in some of our films, Kenny did covers for TOMMY (VARIANTS) and Daniel has done a lot of art for it as well.


Preliminaries on the inks, before adding color

I somehow skipped a whole page of inking for some reason and its both a feeling of idiocy and relief: I looked at the 7 pages of the short and thought to myself ” Why isn’t this working? It seems so glitched up, the story is kind of quick with no point” and so on. And then laid the pages out and looked at the pencil in my sketchbook and…. there it was, looking back at me. I had originally put the whole story together last year, while working my old job, and just FORGOT. FUCK. But it was just a huge relief because this magic page, brought everything together. I had been inking it between freelance the last couple of weeks and now looking at it together, I’m very humbly impressed with myself.

Inks again on previous page, really worked off of those photo references this time around

The color part is taking more time than I thought but incredibly worth it seeing as I’m using Watercolor. I’ll be previewing this on the Patreon later this week!

ZOMBIE YEARS is going well, with issue 4, “DEAD MEN TELL TALES” rolling along perfectly albeit some bumps here and there:

Overall the numbers are up and fans both Old and New are coming back into the fold and talking about. I really hope I can get to 1000 followers just to see about getting it monetized and possibly working for itself this summer. I’m also hoping to get everything down so I can then finish issue 10, and then move into issue 11-15 as an arc. I have some big plans for that! Check it out here!

Portrait work keeps coming in:

Some of it is more…. ahem… let’s just say on the crazier side so I won’t post. But it’s been a good bread and butter opportunity and has allowed me to hone my skills. Both Watercolor techniques and my ability to capture likenesses is that much better for it. Want one? Hit me up



More Gaming Illustration work, again for Hex Games, which keeps kicking ass! Check out more here


Another week another sketchcover this time Mighty Avengers 1 featuring the Jade Giant THE INCREDIBLE HULK! I added a dab of Kirby there to give him his original Cro-Magnon brow and otherwise muscular bulk to capture the Power of “the strongest there is”

Podcast this week: Currently have a huge workload so now I’m just posting a little mini sewed the subside till we get back to the regular thing next week. Check soon for more and until then stay the fuck inside until otherwise?

Also wanted to mention the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY zine we did between GOBLINS HEIST, myself and FINE PRINT SHOPPE:

Order or commission anything form me this month and I’ll hook you up with a one FOR FREE! Just let me know!

…aaaand thats all folks, I will leave you with this:

written by David Byrne and Brian Eno

Saw the wanderin’ eye, inside my heart
Shouts and battle cries, from every part
I can see those tears, every one is true
When the door appears, I’ll go right through, oh
I stand in liquid light, like everyone

I built my life with rhymes, to carry on
And it gives me hope, to see you there
The things I used to know, that one fine

One fine day

In a small dark room, where I will wait
Face to face I find, I contemplate
Even though a man is made of clay
Everything can change that one fine —

One fine day

Then before my eyes, is standing still
I beheld it there, a city on a hill
I complete my tasks, one by one
I remove my masks, when I am done

Then a peace of mind fell over me —
In these troubled times, I still can see
We can use the stars, to guide the way
It is not that far, the one fine —

One fine day

You find more about it here.




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