OKAY OKAY lets take it from here…

I think thats in the beginning of Heart Attack man by Beastie Boys. I say it all the time when I stop, stand still, and figure how I’m going to attack the day.

I will say this: you will always be improving yourself. (At least you should be!) I constantly read things as they come up. sometimes I’m doing all the things right and sometimes I’m not, but I’m doing something. The alternative is letting life just teach you hard way, and like a bonsai left to it’s volition you end up fucking bent to shit. It leads to this idea:

“Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.”

Thought at this current time with all the bullshit going on, it’s not bad to do BOTH.

It’s all about going forward, and as an artist how to deal with what is going in the world right now, and how to help the Black Lives Matter Movement, but find the happy median between protest and another extremist level. I try to explain, I think, to a certain point here:

I put some ideas out there, and great links to a bunch of ways to help, start by donating, continue by becoming members and finding ways to get involved.

Black Lives Matter Broward – Whether it’s attending weekly and monthly demonstrations, spreading the message of repealing “Stand Your Ground,” or donating to the cause, there are many ways to get involved.

Dream Defenders Miami – One of the main organizations behind the peaceful protests, you can become a member and be involved 365 days a year.

(F)EMPOWER Miami – These queer culture shifters are among the loudest voices advocating for community bailout funds among many other things.

QuietRiot2020 – Divest in the economy that overlooks and overworks low-income households by participating in this “quiet riot” every Thursday in the month of June.

Smoke Signals – This Little Haiti studio has been a huge platform for POC voices in our communities and are sharing a call for creatives to lend their artistic abilities for people on the front lines.

Voices: Poetry for the People – From the same team behind the above two platforms, This project tackles state violence by providing space where those who find themselves silenced, stripped of their voice or ignored can reclaim their narratives in poetry.

New Florida Majority – Register to vote and keep updated on voters rights through NewFM who is building political power of marginalized constituencies in Florida, for an inclusive, equitable, and just democracy for all.

Miami Workers Center – Help our community’s most oppressed citizens by giving them access to long-term job opportunities.

PowerU Center for Social Change – This powerful political and education resources tackles some of the most divisive issues in our country and our community by giving voices to the most marginalized.

We have ways to go, but the fact that we are moving in the right direction, again reiterates the idea of direction over speed.

ZOMBIE YEARS is chugging along nicely with the conclusion of issue 4 DEAD MEN TOLD TALES this week and zipping right into issue 5 ALIVE AND KICKING, on Friday. Here’s the cover we released on THURSDAY:

Cover by Jude Millien

Jude is an old friend and great comic book artist, check out his page for more!

Other than that, I have been busy with the shop, some fund raising efforts and educating people. I have a workshop coming up this week at Miami Dade College on comics, and several smaller efforts coming in. I’m a little run down, but overall, think things will turn. These are growing pains. Maybe this year we get the ass kicking we needed all this time to get the century going.

Or maybe this is the beginning of Robocop.

I don’t know.

But I do know one thing: BE GOOD.



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