I thought this was the other side…

I originally wrote much of this two weeks ago for the blog, but didn’t have the chance of ending in mind. So , now decided to revisit it and finish the job, what with everything thats happened since:

I kept saying during the quarantine “See you on the other side, ..” and now that we are supposedly here, we are now in a whole other tunnel. I never thought the word curfew, would means so much. Like so..

So the last two weeks was hard to really post anything, only because the world seemed to be unfurling like some kind of Apocalypse flower, that more and more was ready to engulf the world in flames. But I had to realize that the narrative being sold is bullshit. That we have to stop for a second and realize our position. Last week I was ready to start banging out this particular post after coming back form a get together with my publishing partner. On the way home we found out the rioting had finally hit Miami, and that I-95 was closed and a curfew was being imposed. I rolled my eyes, just earlier thinking about how proud I was for us as a city to not be caught up in the anger and bullshit. My partner said “I’m telling you man, I’m scared, this world is coming to the end” and out of that sprang out of me an overwhelming “No”.

Long time ago, BANKSY had a piece that I thought was the most poignant thing I keep going back to when considering society and politics, it was based on Joseph de Maistre quote:

“Every nation gets the government it deserves.”

-Joseph de Maistre

This is growing pains. This is the cost of unwrenching yourself from the muck of oppression. We earned this and now we have to pay for it. As a society, as a notion, As Americans. We either help or hinder, but we have to go through.

Thats why for all my shit, I ask and will continue to ask for Peaceful protest. I understand, I really do understand VIOLENCE. Something inside me even stirs remarkably for it at times, in an all too enticing feeling. BUT, it is not the way.

Americans, we are truly worship at the feet of violence. We are raised on it, and told all that it can do. We do not see the poison in it, they way it get in our veins and slowly destroys us. Everything you plant with violence will only reap more violence. In the end, that is all that war is; a failure of communication that only submits with the eradication of a party or part is involved. What does that bring?

Especially when it’s what the media wants. What the cops want. What the government wants. What Trump wants. DON’T DO IT. Fight the good fight, for GOOD things. It’ll happen. Having vision will do that. these people are cruel because they have no IMAGINATION. They have to no way to see the world better than whats being told to them, or seeing them. One thing that keeps me fueled is this:


It’s been a while now since I wrote this, and since this all started, and by no means do I think it’s over, so it’s good to know the sentiment is the same if not better tempered for the time. Going forward we have to be ever EVER VIGILANT more so than ever. We can’t lose steam, we can’t lose fury, and but most of all, we can’t lose ourselves to hate. Love is the answer. Now and forever.



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