2020 is a wash, so now what?

Knee Deep in this:

Hell, my name is Juan Navarro and I make things. 

I make comics. 

I make Art.

I make people laugh.

I make a business.

All in that order. 

In 1997 I want to Savannah College of Art for Sequential Art and decided to make comics for the rest of my life. In 2007 I joined CS Gallery in North Miami and decided I would make Art for the rest of my life. In 2010 I made a short film with Creature Entertainment and decided I would make Movies for the rest of my life. In 2015 I opened a comic shop and decided I would sell comics for the rest of my life. In 2018 I got on stage and told dick jokes to an audience in the dark, and decided I wanted to do that for the rest of my life.

I never stopped doing any of these things. I keep going. 

For 25 years I’ve been kicking ass and taking names. I hope to do for 100 more.

So this pattern will house much of my process, be it in stand up, comics, illustration, painting or more. Maybe I’m trying to do too much? Maybe not enough? But I’m willing to share it with you every week and how it goes. 

So this covers:

+ Stand up. Even though things are at a stand still I am trying to see about putt some of it up here via video and or youtube. It’s odd because with out an audience, it’s hard to have fun with it, or have the feedback I need that keep the momentum, but in these trying times, it’s time to adapt right?

+ Comics. A lot of the ideas I have and things I’m developing will be on here first before hitting my blog on FWACATA.com or elsewhere. This could be concept sketches, or previews of stories to script s and more, but it’s for you to see and get feedback. Also EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOKS ON NEW BOOKS AND STORIES HERE FIRST, BEFORE THEY HIT EVEN KICKSTARTER or DISTRIBUTION. 

+ Painting. I want to do time lapses, or better said MORE time lapses of painting but my current situation I’ve had to make my studio really modular but now I have an upcoming change happening to the studio. So hopefully I want to remedy this in August. 

+ Podcast. I’m at a crossroads with the podcast because I don’t want it to become the complain-cast. Too many of those out there. I want it to have an uplifting message at the very least, or some kind of energy overall that gives and doesn’t take away. I will be getting back to it, and maybe working with lens to give more.

+ Business. Entrepreneurship? I don’t know, I think it would just fall into making money from a passion and the pitfalls of this. That I think I could go with that very far, because it’s something I have pursued and could argue with running THE GOBLINS HEIST pretty well. 

Of course this is where I wonder how big my head is getting in all this, but maybe thats a good thing. My ego is in check at the same time giving back to people and showing what is being done. Thats the balance. Maybe now at this age is when I find my voice better than before. 

So yeah thats what I’m going for on here and mainly FWACATA.com which is more about showing and selling the end results. I will soon be stepping up the game with the site, and selling my wares through there. Even though these are trying times and we could make an argument more for denouement of such a move, I think if it helps in the smallest way, maybe just to keep peoples tanks full in the town pursuit, then I’ve done more than enough. 

So welcome to my Patreon, please feel free to bug me on here or hit me up personally at fwacata@gmail.com 



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