I am Juan’s Contentment

Hmmmm okay so heres the deal:

I think I’m going to do whatever the fuck I want on here form now on, and well the whole song and dance will be on Patreon. This is only because of two factors:

  1. I have like almost 20 years stuff on here. Not to celebrate or say it’s that good, but fuck I can’t really walk away right? Also I think it still works for what it is. I may not work on making this such a magnate of buying or getting my work but where, if you want to, can have a conversation with me, since I fucking HATE Facebook and most other social media.
  2. I have to put my energies into both Goblins Heist and Creature Entertainment and hence my time and attention have to be there ( they are already wtf) and when and if I do something personally artistic and you want to see it, you hit up my Patreon to do that. 

Does that sound like it makes sense, or am I blowing out my ass? Either way I’m going to do it, but still.

I also think maybe bits of short fiction might be here too. Lots of stuff. I want it to be at least a daily thing. I mean notice the phrase “I want…” fuck. 



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