“I hate Garfield with the same intensity I hate Nazis” or “THANK GOD FOR COVID”


I hate fucking Garfield with the same hatred one could have for Nazis.

I write this because it’s Monday, and all that cna come to mind if that idea of “I hate Mondays” and my foot suddenly want to fly out a kick the perosn right in the crunchy fucking jaw for saying it.

But I’m the one thinking it.

And I think of Garfeidl, the fat stupid orange cat who appeared in Newspaper strips to promote the mediocre thinking and life that we live in now. He just want to eat and sleep and all I can think its that he might as well be the new American flag then, he’s the constitution, he’s the Stat Spangled Fucking banner. We are a nation of Garfields made for nothing else but to consume, grovel, and sleep. We will sit here only to kick Odie (who come on is the perfect symbols of any asshole with high hopes!) Eat, complain and sleep. Rinse and Repeat. Our Government is John just flabbergasted, numb, and Impotent, flailing arms to our half lidded eyes who just want lasagna and to hate Mondays.

Thank God for the Corona Virus.

It’s tearing everything apart, it’s bringing governments down, it’s shaking things up, it’ smoking us uncomfortable it’s waking people up and if not, killing people off. I already lost a friend to it, and I am still scared for my family, don’t get me wrong, but as a society and and as a whole species, we may need this. This is the POW POW Mother Nature has to give us. There are those who say it’s bio engineered illuminati move to control population and etc, and I thin that just wishful thinking. I think that nature , it all tis glory has certain mixes and formulas in it, that not matter the species, especially us, that if you have a high enough level of them living together and have the right conditions (pollutions, tempeartautre, overall shiftiness) the ties something like is triggered and gets right to source of problem wherever it can.

I hope this murders all the Garfeilds, guts large a spreads them open to ro in the wind. They ar nothing more than tumors on this earth, made to be biopsy, studied and thrown away. At least that my hope.

COVID may save us all.

To hell with the Garfields…

Me? I’m fucking Heathcliff.

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