EFFERVESCENT is the word

…. I was looking for.

Energy and Momentum are a hell of a thing. It’s one of those experiences that you do not know you are taking part in, until you stop for a second and see how much you are doing at that moment. You can even admire yourself. Now, when you get older, all you can start seeing is where the parts are going to wear, and start hearing where the bolts are coming apart. You know when the check engine light is on, and sometimes, it’s been a while.

Still the magic of making and doing, is an amazing thing. Not to show off, but many times, i get compliments that I do not look my age. I’m glad for that, because I don’t feel it either. 42 (about to be 43) is an age I remember my father being, and thats a fucker of a thing to not to ones self. But I think, and this is my theory, that like the saying goes “rolling stone collects no moss” well, ever moving gratitude, doesn’t get as wrinkly, I guess. I am fortunate, but I do not leave it to look but my relationship with not only God but people and what I allow into my life at nay given time.

As least thats my theory.

ZOMBIE YEARS is back with ZOMBIE YEARS VOL.2 Issue 1 (AKA issue 6) Page 10 going live tomorrow! Here is the first 10 pages as shown on my Patreon:

ZOMBIE YEARS which has been on hiatus, these last 6 months, is coming back! EXCLUSIVELY  ON PATREON!

For those of you not in the know, ZOMBIE YEARS is a post-apocalyptic zombie webcomic that takes place in Miami, that I did from 2005-2010, and saw print with CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT till 2015. Issues 1-5 are available to read FOR FREE at WEBTOONS right now ( which you can read online, on their app, and more!) and now I will have issues 6-9 on here for subscribers, with issue 10 coming out for the first time on here, and wrapping up the series hopefully this year!

So for just a buck a month you get not only all the content I’m doing but all my past comic book work!

So stay tuned, a new page drops every WEEKDAY, starting JANUARY 4th!  The first week will be free for non-patrons and then will go exclusive on the 11th! Also, downloads of the PDF and EBOOK versions of ZY will soon drop on here as PATRONS EXCLUSIVES soon (Wrangling up files!)

…and hilarity ensues.

PODCAST: Back at it again after a long hiatus but aren’t we all on a hiatus? What with Covid, politics, racism and all those other THINGS that make opening our eyes to consciousness a bold move everyday, how can we not come out of our cacophony as some kind of majestic self conscious butterfly with a chainsaw for genitalia? Too much? Too bad, this is the FWACATA podcast I don’t make enough money to get “cancelled” or give a hot dookie, so let’s roll the show!
Available whoever you listen to podcasts every Wednesday!

VIDEO CLAIM SALE: Been doing thse for a bit now, and there great fun. You cna always tune in and ask me stuff while I peddle my wares to you, QVC style! If that doens’t says class I don’t what will!

Back at it for the new year, this time working on a warm up that came out so cool decided to make it a design in my @teepublic store for you you peruse but also can see the full time lapse and finished design on Patreon!

So yeah, EFFERVESCENT…. OR EFFIN- VESENCE! Join me next week, when I ge tmor einto this than usual! Until then, for more info, and Daily update, Check out my IG at @FWACATA 

Until then BE GOOD!



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