The difference between a Wise man and a Fool…

…Is that a Wise Man learns from his mistakes.

I read this first in a fortune cookie in a dive of a Chinese restaurant in Carol City when i was like 8 or something. It stayed with me all this time. Its the sort of thing that you think you “get” the first time, but comes around in a cycle again and again through out your life, sometimes as a blessing of a thought in a horrible situation, and sometimes as a rolled up newspaper across the nose in another.

It always meant to make mistakes, to take risk, to use another phrase, “Ask forgiveness later than permission now” sort of thing. I know I know, you hear this type of shit all the time on the INNA-NETS, Every freaking other entry in instagram is an image or a person telling you you are more than, and you are great, and you need to seize the day, carpe diem up the ass. I know


But you aren’t shit. I’m here to tell you that. See I was told to remind you are a punk ass bitch and lately you have been stepping out of line. You have been trying to puff up your chest and be all you can be, and in reality you are a fucking bitch ass trick or trick ass bitch, whatever take your pick.

….see by now you should have scissor kicked me in the head for talking to you like that. Even in your head, you should have already been like “Who the fuck is this guy?” and even if I was Dali Jesus Lama Christ, you’re next move was to mentally to physically choke slam me to the ground after that. Maybe you did?

But if you didn’t?

Did you believe that shit I said? Did you for a second really get down on yourself in such a way mentally that you actually swallowed that load? Then you have been perfectly deceived, in the way society is doing it.

You know how in the movies there is a nobody guy and he does one good thing, like save a kid from a burning building or become a hero, and for a second, he’s SOMEBODY. Thats the thing, what convinced the perosn that they weren’t? What convinced you that you were less than? Right now you have a situation in your head, maybe real, maybe fiction, of how and why you feel like shit and think your shit.

You need to fucking KILL THAT THING.

That little voice in you saying you are not enough, you need to learn to burn it to the ground. It’ snever going away because it’s part of being human, but you need to get mad, you need to rage against that thing, and everyday when it open it’s eyes to look down you, to push you down, to stop you tkaing yourslef form tkaing those first steps, you need to be standing reayd, with your dick out, reayd to fucking murder that thing.

Every. Fucking. DAY.


No such this as low hanging fruit in the ZOMBIE YEARS

ZOMBIE YEARS is still pumping on the Patreon. I kind wish the numbers had gone up on there but I think it’s going to be a slow arduous process no matter how I do it. The internet is free but there is soooo much fucking noise it shard to get your shit out. I ha e to make a serious effort to get it into people hands. Let’s see what happens!

Check it out anywhere you dig podcast or on the Patreon!


Well we went what 7 days before it hit the fan? 8 days? And you decided to diet and it’s seams ridiculously idiotic right now as humanity goes off the cliff side like lemmings, but maybe… there is an answer? Let me know whatcha think in the comments, and if You dig it, give a buck and keep reading, supporting the comic! New ZY comics every weekday!
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Goblins Heist is Bumping! I’m really relieved that Holiday hype has also translated into more sales and more customers. We’ve had good feed back (4.9 stars on Google, yay!) and more subscribers! It’s an ever evolving challenge to say the least, because in the end to be brick and mortar in this day and age means to be something more than being a store. It really does come down to customers service but also the experience needs to elevate people a bit more all the time. I think thats why i’m not missing the stage too much because i feel like I have a stage every time I deal with new customers or when we just have shop talk about different subjects I get to hold court and throw my verbal weight around ( in a non-asshole-ish manner… unless needed I think). Now i do have to think about the future and the partnerships I have now, because in the long run, it is waning to say the least. People’s soul flicker sometime, and others roar in the wind, and sometime you have to wonder what they are. And where YOU are.

No one like to wake up with anchor around their neck.

See you next week! BE GOOD.





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