SUNDAY FUNDAY : Comics, Fires, and ROCK CANDY!

So originally I was going to make this exclusive on the Patreon blog but since I wanted to be sure for copyright sake this was posted somewhere and seen, I wanted to show some character concepts coming in the FWACATA quarterly book:

ROCK CANDY, male stripper superhero doing right!

So after stepping on a melted jolly rancher on the sidewalk, which was melts and hard I thought to myself “man, you could trap a guy with this stuff” and then the ball started rolling in my head and BAM! A Rock Candy hero who could control his form sort of like a Metamorpho/Plastic Man type but he was pure sweet Candy like substance. I then made him a male stripper and voila! ROCK CANDY!

Original sketch

He’s not finalized here but overall I have his form and still thinking of to make him multi colored or just green Candy clear. I’m also getting drawing clear Candy better and better understanding. Cant wait to buy these out on a page:

Super busy this week! Here are some high lights:

COMIC BOOK REVIEW AND CLAIM SALES are every Tuesday and Thursdays and our big Claim sales are on Sundays! They have been fun and I’ve had some recent guests on the show like Fabian Perez Crespo of Papa Likes Comics and Anthony “Antman” Corrales and talking comics and interviewing customers! It’s been fun and dig the format hope to do more! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay updated on that, and go to our Facebook page for more info of the comic book shop.

Also podcast:

Hey folks! Back again this week and we have a great show for you: first comic convention in over a year, we recorded our PUBLISHING COMICS panel at OTAKUFEST 2021 and it was a blast! Great show! Great crowd! Safe and awesome the show gave me real hope for a new season of conventions! Tune in and start making comics! With me was the awesome Kenny Calderon, artist /designer/ hustler of the all things sequential you can find him at and get a commission or lesson or just look at some art right on there! It was great fun, informative, and hopefully you will find it too! Support the channel through Patreon at

Support this podcast:

Was really fun hanging with Kenny and talking shop at the Otakufest! You can hear this one for free on any and all podcast services and the second funnier one is exclusive to my Patreon, sign up and to hear it for jsut a BUCK a month! sign up and you go that and a crap ton of comics!

Speaking of insane, THIS ALSO HAPPENED:

Always fun in HIALEAH!

More is going on just check out @FWACATA on IG a I post daily and on Goblins Heist for more!

See you guys next week!


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