SUNDAY FUNDAY: This is a Bad Place to be Stupid

Hello and welcome to another Sunday. Instead of having this greet you in the morning it’s greeting you…. now? Because I am lazy or busy, I’m trying to make my mind up of the either. Many tell me “How do I do it?” how do I manage to do so much, and I just blink, look at them, and live. i guess. Because I don’t know what to say, really, I feel like I’m constantly spinning my wheels. I have a fixed parameter of things to do and attack as best as possible. But I get tired. I get mired. I have my moments. I think the best thing I do, the “How I do it” thing, is that well, maybe only for little bit, do I allow myself to be discouraged. The rest of the time, I live to myself and keep the ball rolling, keep the plates spinning, and just quixotically charge blindly, with a smile on my face. I mean what else are you supposed to do?

The shop has been stupid busy lately. It seem there is some type of wave happening between those getting their Stimulus Checks and what seems to be a Trump Tard wave investing in comics and collectibles to “hide” their money. I try to tell them otherwise, but i have people waving money at my face for an X-force 1, I gotta do what I gotta do, you know?


But in this business, what else is new? The unknown and unfair, is just the logical base of life and well capitalism.

I guess.

I have been drawing like mad. Now it’s about making time for those finishing touches, like you LETTERING, which quite frankly I fucking hate. I don’t know where and when I got such a fucking a hate hard on for TYPE, when I really did love it, but something about lettering makes me just want to chucks the fucking laptop out the window. I have to get over it and attack and find new way to not be a bitch.

Remember: Stop being a bitch.

I’m starting to compile the drawing videos. Just wanted to see about trying out this compilation of the weeks daily sketches and showing it to you guys this way! I think it might just work better than posting minute or two minute videos every day and just putting it together over the weekend and we will have one big video and you know why not a voice over on top of that too! Let me know what you guys think

CLAIM SALES have been a bit low in attendance, I think mostly because of SPRING BREAK people are out and about and not clamped on to their phones as much. Either way, I have good time making them and we have been very on it for that, so I have to keep it going. Tune in Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 9PM to find out more!

MONDAY MOTIVATION: on a Tuesday? way to go Juan FWACATA

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PODCAST is going strong but I swear I never get it done in time, it’s like a curse! OY!

So thats the week for now, I’m sort of just trying to get stuff done because I want to have new stuff to show in April. I mean we are already a 1/4 of the way through the year…. WTF.



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