SUNDAY FUNDAY: I like it but I can’t defend it.

Recently sitting with a fellow artist at the shop, we needed out over certain things. One thing was prevalent 90s genre stereotypes be it from clothing to movies onto whatever; neon glow colors, “radical” language, oh so appropriation of grunge and hip hop cultures to shill shit, and a time where shitty racism was EVERYWHERE.

One piece de resistance was the G.I.JOE extreme toy line that come out at the time. The cartoon?!? Holy fucking shit you have to watch it to believe it:

Feast your eye on this… this…. THIS


This has all the earmarks of the 90s that we are only now comprehending: EVERYBODY IS JUST FUCKING TOUGH, AGGRESSIVE FOR NO REASON, and THERE IS NO PLOT. It’s like they grabbed issues of YOUNGBLOOD and WILDC.A.T.S in a blender injected into a CROSSFIT GUYS DICK IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS WET DREAM AND IMPREGNATED A FORD MUSTANG 5.0 that has a mullet holy shit!

Watch the end of this last clip: HE SHOT THE NAME INTO THE FUCKING WALL

They should be called GIJOE WTFING FUCK

He shot G.I.JOE EXTREME logo into the wall FOR NO FUCKING REASON. What the holy hell?!?

Now at this point you would think this was me setting out to shit on such a thing as this G.I.JOE EXTREME, but there is where you are wrong, because put simply:

I like it but I can’t defend it…


When he said struck a huge cord with me because it makes total sense: for some reason I loathe and love it. You can’t tell it was made by focus group drive. Idiocy and some Dickhead saying “yeah the kids will like that” and such but it’s also just direct and not giving a Fuck at all! No finesse no charm no nuance just hitting you over the head with EXTREME! And I love it. I couldn’t defend it if I tried!

And in a sense it becomes art and reaches for the sublime because of it. I think.

The phrase covers so much especially when we try to justify what we love to… I don’t know who but we do, this little phrase says so much. Sometimes we like shit, plain and simple.

One to grow on, I guess…

In other news:


ASS BEATINGS are an education FWACATA

This week we get into what it is, they get your ass beat, and what you can take for me and personal little story on my part, and how it educated me to tune in and get your ass beat! Just kidding! Hit the 🔗 on my profile for more I do and support the podcast! #podcast #podcastersofinstagram #podcastlife #podcastshow #miamipodcast — Send in a voice message:
  1. ASS BEATINGS are an education

This week I decided to express opinions about things such as shows like so many do and…. well shit people reacted! Maybe I have to do more? Hmmm


Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.
Mary Tyler Moore

This week was lots of practice but I ha e to get to the other end of my comic creating AND FINISH LETTERING THE THINGS! I have about 45-60 pages done of comics and all they is lettering but for the life of me I can’t get myself around to do it. I think because I take so seriously that when come to my ow. Work I just go mad with it and it’s and intense project. I think I’ll try to letter in the morning when my mind is fresh.
Christ while I wrote this I forgot I ha e another 24 pages of TOMMY issue 5 to letter too.


so yeah, I hope to keep this up!

no new claim sale videos because I haven’t been able to upload with my current workload going on but hope remedy next week. I’m also waiting on a new computer to be more productive.

I did this whole post on my phone which says A. It’s amazing what these freaking things can do now and B. I’m getting old when how amazing a phone is still surprises me.

so that all for this week, I hope you both entertained and inspired since that’s like my mission in life to get people elevated either by thinking or laughing or both.
I want to hear from you! Hit my up @fwacata on IG or at and yell at me!

until then BE GOOD!



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