SUNDAY FUNDAY: I don’t want to be that GUY

Dale que tu puede!

Translation: YOU CAN DO IT!
I saw at least once a day, not only to myself, but to others. So many times, people are just working and grinding, and you can tell when they are down on themselves, be it artist, customers, friends, and I jsut have to stand their waving that flag to remind them:

Photo by Prateek Katyal on

Hmmmm that looks gay…. and not in the good way.

So, yeah sometimes getting through to the other side is the goal until you can do THE goal. DO the thing, and all things will come.

I’m tired of the negative guy, the “no” guy. Not in thinking sometimes you have to look at reality and say “that way won’t work” but it’s doesn’t mean you don’t do it. It’s about using that positivity and pumping it through that brain of yours to get the shit done. When the heart and mind work together you are unstoppable. Sometimes you just have to pull back, take a look, and engage a different way. Adapt. Be powerful in your good will. Find strength in kindness.

It’s worked for me.


Only three this week? Yes, I had to kind of get a break and run some major deals in the shop and get word out on a bunch of stuff. It’s hard to do the balancing act of running the shop and getting art done for projects and clients the whole time lapse video of drawing can go on the way side. I also need to wake up earlier but fuck man, lately dreams have been really good and sleep has been just amazing.


We get it on like Donkey Kong, and not only review the new GODZILLA vs. KING KONG, but maybe find a good life lesson in the movie? “Find your mountains” my son!

Finding Balance in a Monster movie!


These are becoming really fun! I love to interact while selling, it’s less QVC and more Tonight Show for me for sure:

With JULIO VALLE and company talking new comics and screaming at Little John!

So currently have some new projects up and out!

You can find the new cover here and PREORDER IT NOW!

“Interstellar” concludes with Vampirella having to once again choose between saving her people, a world dying of blood drought, and protecting her adopted home world of Earth. The Vampiri have developed technology enabling them to breach the great divide between worlds, giving the dying Vampiri access to an endless supply of human “cattle.” But which side will Vampi choose?

New t-shirt design coming soon, but until then hit up my TEEPUBLIC store!

I’m also working on new issues of TOMMY and the FWACATA anthology, which I will be hitting people up with soon and getting the word out for the Kickstarter. 2022 is going to be the year i hit the streets again and hopefully hit up all the cons again and get comics out there again. Hope you can join me for that ride!

Okay, time for like… everything else.




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