SUNDAY FUNDAY: What was all that?

R.I.P. John Paul Leon

Hello from Hialeah where we are slowly descending onto the sun, as the temperatures rise and get fucking hotter than anybody needs it to be. This is the only place that when you say “Winter is Coming” everyone smiles.

When people talk about global warming I’m never scared; we are fucking living it.

Been experiencing some shit back pain, though it was maybe a herniated disc, something sitting on your ass causes. Also being a fat ass. I have had to work on posture and just regular exercise of some sort! Been trying out thing LINK and asking some smart ass people I know LINK and recently got in a routine that helps. Still amazing that I’ve run out of any ass already, considering how fat it was. Goes to show. But you adapt and harness knowledge and body, and you’ll see you can make it work.

That what I tell myself when I’m on the floor hollering in pain anyway. 

Been working on comics as always. Here is a preview of the new TOMMY volume 2 issue 3!

The comic is done, just working the lettering and small bits of coloring here and there with some tweaks. Been coloring and working it up, really proud. Plus I have a new laptop that has been a freaking blessing. I was getting along with some archaic gear, to say the least.

Did some small local speaking gig on a video about comics:

I’m Always Evangelizing comics thats for sure! (check me out at 10:15)

And a little on MANGA/ANIME for MDC HIaleah:

Good Lord I’m fat.

I hope to start on some new projects soon and hit up Kickstarter, though to say the truth I can of hate going to that well. Now mind you, it’s always proved great for me, but there something ugh to it at times. Like panhandling or something. I know, I know, that just my ego working against me but man it’s eye rolling. Maybe I got to come at it with a completely different attitude… you know, NOT SHITTY.

Been watching some stuff here and there when I can, trying to have REAL downtime to not burn myself out. CHeck it:

Been watching some anime, regularly MY HERO ACADEMIA is on play but recently got into MEGALOBOX out of nowhere:

Might review it for the podcast! Let me see.

So yes, as the ground shudders and hazes in the street form the adoptable heat, I will be here, in a dark room, cold in AC, away form all, scratching paper, tapping keyboards and making….. at least until i need supplies. Post-apocalyptic Sun driven story? Hmmm?

No…. keep writing Juan….




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