SUNDAY FUNDAYS: when Biting off more than you can chew is a lifestyle

Hello from Miami, where it’s getting so hot all pants are sweat pants.

This week I’ve posted like a mad man, gone live on a new platform, and have started new endeavors that are pretty much putting me in a corner and forcing me to get out.

Just started the Manslaughter – Man’s Ruin on SUBSTACK as a way to work on a comic book in front of everyone and develop a stand-alone one-shot. My main worry isn’t so much the work but the subject: BAD GIRL COMICS. I am a fan, but more of the nostalgia and fun it was to have these big bad chicas coming at you, boobs and violence, macabre horror, and a little of the ultraviolence! The term Outlaw comics has been on the rise, too, especially after Cartoonist Kayfabe coined the term. The idea of these books, mainly FAUST, comes to mind is that they were so gory and bad and sexual, all that good stuff, that they were even x-rated, and it was like having a nudie mag or worse in your hands.

To tell you the truth, looking back to the eighties, being caught with porn was still sin but an understandable one. Having something like FAUST in your hands was like having the Anarchist Cookbook or something even more devious in hand. It was one of those things where having it was a thrill. It made you feel like you were on the cutting edge of comics. 

In truth, a lot of them are not that GOOD. They had the most essential stories and setups, and really seeing Titties and blood made you turn the page. So then I thought, what if we did one with some real teeth but full of guts? Say some shit that means something and make a mark?

I try to do that with all my comics, but this was not my forte either. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here either, but maybe just try to push the genre and the book farther than it been like in the same way I’m pushing myself.


The other half of this is drawing sexy women. I do it all the time but never fully vested myself in the idea of writing and illustrating a hot female character. I’ve done some fantastic commissions and such and even salty works but never fully delved into a hot girl book. Even though SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DEMONS has some of that, it’s more about bio-horror, so that tackling that field for me. MANSLAUGHTER would be more about the extreme of all of that and bringing it forward so that everyone can see and participate in the growth. Of course, this will take time, and I’m already working eight days a week, but what the hell? We are talking bout guts, right? Then time to BRING IT! 

Join if you can, and subscribe to see it all!

PATREON Is chugging along really well. I’ve loved to post on their sketches on other joints and already have had two comics on there; I’m waiting to see about posting more. It’s an odd thing to publish comics on the site in the hope of getting readers. It’s really a hard incentive to sell without giving it away. Still, I’m also showing all the video work I’m doing and some of the podcast and interviews I got to be in like so:

Join on here and read some of my work that way!

The podcast has been going great. I’m just using a lot of the bullshit we talk about in the shop as exciting fodder for the podcast. I find it fascinating at times and hope it’s not too engrossing and insensitive, but then again FUCK YOU if you don’t like it. I may expand with it as I put stuff together for the SUBSTACK and patreon soon. Check it all out here or wherever you enjoy podcasts.

I hate this space.

Drawing wise I have commissions falling out of my butt and have to get to it. You’ll see some stuff on Instagram, but I hope to do a little bit of a separate posting on here for you. I’m sprinkling last week through this post! 

And if things weren’t ridiculous enough, I am now doing a bit on the MEDIUM, putting some ideas and thoughts out there. I’m convinced that sometimes you should scream from the rooftops if you want your idea to happen. I do every Friday because why the hell not?

Starting to work with WHAT NOT on selling stuff for GOBLINS HEIST, trying to expand things so that it all feeds into and out of the same pipe! Suppose I can do that and get this thing to stay airborne. In that case, I can’t fathom having a nerd empire that can really rally Hialeah, Miami, and ultimately the WORLD! Or at least keep the shop bumping and comics in people’s hands. Join me on there here and our regular live casts here on FB.

SO yeah….whew… what the hell, man, that was a lot, and now I’m late with this post on Sunday night and looking forward, about to do it again! DAMN. 

I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Talk to you next week! 



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