SUNDAY FUNDAY: Born to lose, live to Win

It’s one of those weeks where it start all awesome and ends up a stumbling mess, but it works out. Kinda. Sorta. Yeah.

One look I did that was kind of UGH

Alright, so this week, I’m working on the Outline for MANSLAUGHTER: MAN’S RUIN one shot and need to work some kinks. This will all be sketched and drawn, and I’m doing a video to post here one the process, if not scans. I am still getting a handle on here and nailing down YEARS, and I mean YEARS of how she looked and talked and felt into a final version. It’s actually exhilarating. We show some of the previous versions and how much I went into it as far as her own look and feel. Check out the full entry here.

This week we talk about wiping your best friends butthole in an emergency, if you are worth a whole pack of cigarettes in prison, and John being color blind. All in the shop! It’s been fun recording these, even with all the crosstalk and interruption, its actually a very real sample of the conversation we have in the shop. More to come!

Join us every Thursday as we talk comics, make fun of each other, talk comics, point at foibles, talk comics, and… well you get it. Join us on Facebook live every Thursday at 9pm Eastern and our new comic claim sale every TUESDAY at 9 pm eastern!

…aaaaaand thats it. SO much more was happening, a lot of moving parts, but in all really its not worth to put it down for now. Recent developments of the shop mean moving our ass, and taking in new freelance of late, means other project went back-burner this week. Next week I’ll hit it harder.

And I’ll tell you about it next week!

Until then, BE GOOD!


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