SUNDAY FUNDAY: Reach for the STARS! (Before they reach for you)

Possible Advert for a Sci-fi book? FOCUS JUAN FOCUS.

BOURBON SOCIETY label I recently did

It’s hard when so many possibilities pop up in the real world that makes the mind wander!

One thing I am surrounded with is a lot of miserable people. To certain degree, most people are just milksop shit head who run around doing shit they don’t know about. I dig this strip right here:

This hits so many things on the head.

Except, I feel, that I am happy on my own, I’m fine I’m great, its everyone else that BUGS THE FUCK OUT OF ME! The again I just did an article on the MEDIUM about it, and maybe it’ll explain better what i mean.

OPENING IMAGE as I hone her look a little more down

So this week we get into the outline of MANSLAUGHTER one-shot I am working on. It’s a slow burn but going well, depends on what the beast wants. More on that later!

Ho BOY it was a pain in the ass, but another skip week. I just didn’t have anything GOOD really to put up so I’m trying to put something together. Believe me I have some gems recorded but I am afraid the internet will bite my ass.

This was a good one with RAUL MEDEROS, JULIO VALLE and FAWAD SADDIQUI in the house and we talk comics, Aquaman, Watchmen and other nerd stuff, while looking like the worst 1-900 Phone line you could ever muster. Tune in live every Thursday or on TUESDAY for the NEW COMIC BOOK SALE. Subscribe and don’t miss this ridiculousness in total.

So one thing that was awesome this week was well:

This capped the week off.

I will say you do learn more from mistakes than success. But nothing fills the tank more than successes like this. I am proud and humble. Nothing is better than a pat on the back. But then again, there is more to do.

Always more to do.

So let get back to it huh!?!?


oh my…

Time to prepare!





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