SUNDAY FUNDAY: Where is your work?

Yes, it’s another SUNDAY FUNDAY, time to round up the links and get all the FWACATA goodness to you guys!

Last week was a mess as FLORIDA SUPERCON sucked all the oxygen out of the room and out of my body! Good lord that was a lot of work! We set up some a mighty display and went over the top and it paid off, being a profitable con for ourselves, but as I was talking about on this weeks podcast, it seemed almost not fun this year. Why?

FWACATA IS BACK! Touching base, grabbing ass, pass the grass! MARVEL AND DC SUCKS AND HERE’S WHY! FWACATA

We get into it on this podcast! Hi guys and welcome back I’m back on the air! Sorry for the hiatus but I had a bunch of stuff going on and this is what happens when you are a geek entrepreneur sometimes the worst thing that can happen is a success! I update you guys on everything with the shop and also what’s happening with the big too and why they both fucking suck at the same time what can be done to fix it and why am hopeful for the future and white comics are awesome! Join me as we catch up on this podcast and get the ball rolling again! Making that FWACATA daily! Find more on my Patreon: Daily uploads and videos here: Find all my stuff here: Hey! I'm using Acorns and I love how easy it is to save and invest for my future. Join me and you'll get a free $5 investment! #fwacata #miamicomics #makecomics #entrepreneur #podcastlife — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. FWACATA IS BACK! Touching base, grabbing ass, pass the grass! MARVEL AND DC SUCKS AND HERE’S WHY!
  4. Some people need to get SLAPPED! A way to fight crime or.. at least mediocrity
  5. PRODUCTIVITY whatnot is and what it’s isn’t, and all the crap in between

The thing is that when I have done cons it’s as an artist and as a publishing company, Creature Entertainment. Even though we’ve had huge highs and lows in doing it, it’s always been fun, nerve wracking, fun. Now, selling Funko Pops and Comics and such, is still fun, but it’s NOT MINE. I could do this form the shop, and sure it’s also the experience and as one could say “home field” advantage selling out of the shop but it was shilling, frankly, shit that wasn’t mine. That was never the point of opening the shop. The point was to get people into comics, celebrate comics, let it be infectious, and come together under that banner. Plastic bobble heads are not the thing.

Ming you we made money, but if I wanted to make money, REAL MONEY, I would do ANYTHING else. I could open a hot dog cart and even literally eat my losses. This wasn’t that.

On top of that, the con, for all it’s glory, was catered more to the event of celebrities, becoming what we call an Autograph event, selling crap to sign or overpriced crap. I know it sound like I’m crapping on my own industry but thats what it comes down to. I went to artist alley to check out some indies and other stuff and everyone is trying to be something else, and it feel just unauthentic and a let down to see obviously talented people have to resort to drawing and selling shit that is not there. I understand though, because as an artist, maybe my rendition of some character will draw somebody into something i made! You might dig a Wolverine print or shirt of mine, and then will want to hear about my won projects like Manslaughter or VIGIL or Zombie Years, etc. It’s part of the dance.

I saw whole walls or prints and art of characters that were not there own being sold, and nothing of their own work. Sure they may put their hearts in souls in it, believe me I know what it is to be a fan! (I had idea for some DEMON SLAYER illustration myself that would have made a killing) But how is this form going to go forward if artists and fans are always pushing the same shit! I don’t know, I know it’s a conundrum and sort of bums me out but also gives me hope for other artists.

I think I was just morose about it because I wasn’t set up as it, and had people asking where my work was. And thats the kick in the balls right? WHERE IS YOUR WORK? Hindsight is 20/20 and not I look at what I could have done and what could’ve been possible. Boom go there. Plain and simple. Go there.

Other than that, MANSLAUGHTER keeps rocking and this week is dedicated to finishing so many commissions I have on the back burner for a while. Have to trudge through and put it all together, while money is a but tight, as new investments and ideas are going into the shop. It’s a ll promising but teetering because of the balance of everything.

So let’s keep our buttholes tight!

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