SUNDAY FUNDAY: …and now for something completely different

I hate how Self centered some of the post have been. I mena it is my blog, but I don’t want it to jsut be me going “BLAH BLAH BLAH MY ART BLAH BLAH BLAH MY STUFF” I also want to have a conversation with the reader, you guys, who are here. SO I’m also going to start posting more links and thing I’m coming across.

I was, and am a huge fan of certain newsletter and blogs. Orbital Operations (Down because of controversy from Warren Ellis) and Scott Galloways Newsletter “NO MERCY NO MALICE” also is a constant read for me. (If you want to know more hit me up)

Back when Google killed their reader a while back, I seem to have just a haze of blogs I used to read and really my instagram and twitter feed are sort of my news cycles but I found this so unsatisfying, mostly because it quickly becomes polluted in bullshit.

So the question is, is it VLOGGING that next step? I don’t know. I don’t dig that too much because it turns into a real endeavor to look and sound like someone I’m not. I write, I make, and have ideas and the written word may work for me a bit better than this.

One thing I actually dig, it SMASH LEGENDS. It’s a mobile game. STOP LAUGHING. It’s actually damn good, and fun for 3 minutes at time. I play it all the time. It has pretty good controls and has become quite endearing to me.

I seem to love using small pyromaniacs

The lore isn’t too bad either, taking form fairy tales and messing with them, twist on them I dig. If you want in, hit me up!

Another thing I did was hit up some old sites, mostly my DEVIANTART:

HOLY SHIT, it was still around….I mean even older shit was up:

This is like 20 years old BTW, at LEAST.

This feels like coming back to your old high school and they have cooler stuff now. It seems like there are all these new bells and whistles all over, but wanted to see who the community if going. So many people I knew on here are gone, both form the website to even, the mortal coil. It’s odd. I have really been on here since like 04 or 05 through various accounts, and seen what it can do. And after foraging in the current comic book world I’m kind in need to real internet connections, not this social media bullshit. I miss boards and posting and waiting and refreshing and making friends sometimes with people I would never talk to in real life.

THIS IS OVER 20 years easy when I was in college. Holy shit.

I’m starting to post on there, but mostly past projects I’ve had here and to have a back up but may use the download-ables part to get things going. Main thing to to see about getting some like minded talent together on some projects.


Posting is becoming a thing lately to stay on my schedule. I may have to change it up so that it’s not repetitive on the web. Then again the crowd is growing overall on all of this, so it might be worthwhile.



Posted early this week, always MON-DAZE, and posted THURSDAY with some new sketches and insight into the process and making of the comic as I”m going. I’m excited because this has gotten me to go at an even pace to really develop the book while pushing me to finish. Check it out and SUBSCRIBE!


Been doing this a bit on IG when I go to bed and snap the 2-3 comics I’ll read before shutting down. Helps my mind get back into a mode and take a break from fucking screens. Right now KILLADELPHIA by Barnes and Alexander is on my rotation. I always wanted to read this book but after the first issue it was always sold out in the shop! Now i have my hand on the graphic novel and fitting myself to know more, and it is quite the yarn. Really insightful, personal but also a real head twister! Cool thing is I will be interviewing the author Rodney Barnes on Monday for the African American Research Library and Cultural Center via live video. It’s gonna be really cool! Once I get a link, I will surely put it up!

Here is also some of the live review I did from the shop this week:

I do these every TUESDAY (NCBD claim show) and THURSDAY (COME GET YOUR NERD ON)

No Podcast this week and changing stuff up next week with osme of scheduling between my PATREON and Substack and such. I don’t mind posting a lot it’s just making post that are worth a hot damn that really concern me, hence this post itself. Hopefully it found this Sunday and entertained you while you come alive into the world, and got your juices going. then for me, it’s MISSION COMPLETE.

Alright enough rambling, time to get to it. Yes while you enjoy your scram slam and enjoy a day of rest, know that i am toiling away here, making things be they comic books, or art, or screen plays , etc.

Because thats MY SUNDAY.



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