INKTOBER 2021  is on!

Doing it again this year, this time, having some fun! Making Superheroes form each of the prompts the official @inktober gives! But of course with a MAGIC CITY twist! 

CRYSTAL of course  is a classic Stripper name like “Destiny” “Rubi” and/or “Kitty” etc. so what is someone who becomes an Anomaly (people with powers) was also a stripper? And what is they were kicking ass doing it? I also imagine someone who could grow crystals and shrink about her body, maybe even shoot them. I mean have you read about Crystals themselves? They are wild! Crystals are repeating, three-dimensional arrangements of atoms, ions, or molecules. Almost any solid material can crystallize—even DNA. Chemists from New York University, Purdue University, and the Argonne National Laboratory recently created DNA crystals large enough to see with the naked eye. The work could have applications in nanoelectronics and drug development. The oldest known pieces of our planet’s surface are 4.4-billion-year-old zircon crystals from the Jack Hills of western Australia.The center of the earth was once thought to be a single, 1,500-mile-wide iron crystal. Seismic studies now show that the inner core is not a single solid but perhaps an aggregate of smaller crystals. Tiny silicate crystals, which need high temperatures to form, have been found inside icy comets from the solar system’s distant, chilly edges. Powerful flares from the sun may have provided the necessary heat. So if you can grow and control these with your Boyd how cool would that be?

Hmmm… maybe her code name could be DIAMOND GIRL after the Stevie B song!?!I also think it would be hot and kind of cool if she covered herself using the crystals and such too, for some sexy refraction!
It’s a bitch to draw though!
Also Imagine a strip club full of mutant powered humans?!? How cool would that be?!?

AH imagination

Next up, promo #2 SUIT





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