SUNDAY FUNDAY: It works! HAHA! I finally invent something that works! 

I remember there was a scene in BACK TO THE FUTURE that still stick out to me so much:

This to me it truly the moment many artist, alone in their studio get to, once finishing something. That one pen stroke or paint dab, when you get to that point, maaaaaan…. it make all the bullshit worth it.


Goblins Heist is bumping and we have taken advantage and decided to throw our ass into the fire, or deeper into the fire, with now having a full fledged GAMING STORE happening here! Look:

So yeah…. my butthole is pretty tight right now. I’t s plunge but so far we have been able to make it work and get the community to surround us and enjoy nerd culture more than ever!

Oh yea and remember that awesome interview i told you about last week? Check it out:

From youtube:

Veteran Award winning screenwriter and producer Rodney Barnes will be discussing his latest works and film in the works. Best known for his work on The Boondocks, Killadelphia, Marvel’s Runaways, American Gods, and Wu-Tang: An American Saga, Barnes is a force in horror, fantasy and drama. AARLCC-CON provides a platform for African-American writers and illustrators of comic books and Sci-Fi novels to share ideas, present their latest works, and develop relationships with both local and national industry professionals.


I had an awesome time picking his brain when you get a chance, really take a gander and learn some stuff!


Over on Instagram I’m already banging out this years INKTOBER at a proper beat. I’m just coming at it as a place to cut loose and try new stuff, like so.

Just in case you don’t know DIAMOND GIRL, check it. For day two:

Follow me on their for more!


This week we shift gears on SUBSTACK to kind of align all the sites I’m using, like PATREON and SUBSTACK with this blog and our ultimate goal: THE FWACATA ANTHOLOGY quarterly comic. I’m in the middle of figuring the campaigning for this, I am super busy with the shop and helping with a Kickstarter.

So yeah, all work and no play make Juan something, something…

I am hitting all the spots though, so I’m happy about that. Like


Hey folks just checking in with you guys with a nice podcast telling you all the stuff that’s going on and giving you excuses for why we were absent last week and why we’ve been skipping a couple of weeks here and there. But it’s all good news! We’re talking about the business of comics making Comics doing comics but also art business people things that guy that guy and you!


BACK AGAIN with another comic review show with Fawad giving all the answers! We review some books, talk some smack and have a good time here at the Goblins Heist!

So after all this I truly am thinking “IT WORKS! I FINALLY MADE SOMETHING THAT WORKS!” is seeming to creep into my brain.

Let me not jinx it.

Just keep working Juan.







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