INKTOBER 2021 is on!
Raven was pretty much an easy thing to figure, and besides characters like Teen Titans Raven and Red Raven in Marvel (what? Look it up!) I decided that there is no reason to have a Batman/Moon Knight character called El Cuervo. I think that would fit Magic City perfectly. He might be human or an Anomaly but overall a gadget and detective hero, but he would be apart from the famous character doing the same thing in the sense of his persistence of being invisible and a legend that anything confirmed or known. He could also make enemies of everyone, both villains and Heroes and just the same the friend. A true Anarchist, could get along with a character I have in the rosters too.

Oooh I love making comics. 

::::rubs hands::::

#inktober #inktoberday5 #inktober2021 #conceptart #makecomics #Raven

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