INKTOBER 2021 is on!

“What do you mean TIME TRAVEL GUY?” Meathook said, looking across at the string os Federal Superheroes in front of him. The Human Battery glanced at him and nonchalantly explained, “He’s called THE WATCH and he seems to zip in and out of time, appearing to observe certain instances of our world but, well, he’s also nudged some thing here and there”

You could hear Meathook eyes roll in his head, “Nudged? We are dealing with a time traveller and he nudges things?”

GarGirl tried to soothe Meathooks concern “ he has never done harm to anyone, that we know of he just appears when he really needs to, always saying the same thing when he leaves”

“Time will Tell” The Battery said. 

Hook looked on, walking away away from the elite group of superheroes, slipping them the bird as he moved away, “I am fucking out of here… no one said ANYTHING about time travel” 






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