Some say it had picked him, some said he played a chord so metal, it called it to him, but all we know, is that the Soloist controls osme of the most powerful cosmic tools ever… and he uses it as a pick for his guitar”

This came to me for the love of Drone Metal, or whatever you want to call it but some bands like Crypt Trip and some others, and thought that to wield such powers, you need to have or do something. Like Silver Surfer looked like he could swirl through the cosmic waves and background, know how to not only control, it, but RIDE IT. That to me is cooler than just having big cosmic power like an asshole like says. A THANOS or DARKSEID. So hence the Soloist and his cosmic pick, pretty much Dave Mustaine using an infinity stone to play! 






2 responses to “INKTOBER 10 – PICK”

  1. Leon Stevens Avatar

    Very cool. You can see the shred.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Juan Navarro Avatar

    THANKS! That’s the dream!


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