SUNDAY FUNDAY: Watch a Tree Grow

At the height of his accomplishments as chancellor of the German empire, Otto von Bismarck asked his great commanding general Helmuth von Moltke what could possibly be left for them to do. “After such events,” Bismarck said, “is there anything left worth experiencing?”

Moltke’s response: “Yes, Your Excellency, watching a tree grow.”

(From the DAILY STOIC, another newsletter I read ALL THE TIME.)

I was in an exasperated mindset when I came across this. For as much as I try to take it easy, you can get into that thinking about “WHAT NOW?!?” You want everything to Blossom, you want everything to explode, you want it all now.


Sometimes, the beauty is in watching something grow in time. If not, look at your situation and come ar it to five years ago, to 10 years ago, to WHENEVER. Are you better for it? Are you worse? Either way, ask yourself how and why?

If you are worse for wear, what are you doing to keep you this way? What habits do you keep doing that fuck you up? What drain are you circling?

And if for the better? Ask why of that too, because what habits are getting you there, and what do you need to improve? How do you keep that? How do you make sure you don’t go off the deep end?

That being said, I feel like this guy:

Now no matter how fucking great things are, you will get roadblocks. I was set to push to get some Kickstarters done, and even get some books printed but as of late, that seem to be a THING now. So I’m thinking do I attack head on, or wait until this storm is over? Then again, prices KEEP GOING UP on everything so that doesn’t help either. This is actually scary to me for some reason. The fact that I hit up Home Depot the other day and there were certain things, just MISSING. Scary. Supposedly it’s a lack of truck drivers?!? and after the holidays that will go down, but will prices? Fuck.



So far so good, this week, thought I will be posting later todays INKTOBER entry, PICK which is pretty cool. I have been posting on here Daily in case you want to see the individual write ups and approaches I have going for them. It’s been kind of awesome to come up with things off this, because it almost helps feed other parts of the Magic City, like background and feel. To read them as they come, subscribe here or follow me on IG.


Another episode of the Fwacata podcast is coming at you with another SHOP TALK episode where we just sit and talk in in my comic shop like we always do, to great shame… I mean fun! This week Jayro Lantigua, good friend, great cartoonist, sit with me as we reminisce about food poisoning and children both the same thing, I think. Check his work out on IG and get his comic here! more! EVERY WEDNESDAY, follow wherever you listen to your podcasts!


We’ve been getting into some cool areas about comics and doing a bit more, and I dare say Fawad is a waited on aspect of the show! COME GET YOUR NERD ON! Comic review and Claim sale live from GOBLINS HEIST in HIALEAH FLORIDA! Every THURSDAY night around 9-ish (EASTERN TIME and we run on CUBAN TIME) with Me and Fawad Siddiqui (Actor/ NERD) as we go over the comic that came out this week, and other PRESSING NERD business with also the Star Wars Minute and Indie/Patreon books too! Check out Grixly comics here or here:

Did an Interview with PAPA LIKES COMICS on comics and while looking at some noice CGC books!

Also, working on the GAMING LOUNGE we just acquired too!



SUBSTACK is still pumping really good, and the new direction, of working the anthology through there, FEELS GOOD. Like Exciting. MON-DAZE is fun, and help keep the cycle through my work thanks to chain linking, and a good road for me to look back on. THURSDAYS is really about production and really tells me where I’m at in my schedule. I mean the difference between myself and some other creators is I have a day job. Sure the Day job is at the shop but damn, it’s still a job. So it’s hard to knock out stuff during the week, but I do thanks to the fact that it keeps me on my toes. I want to have something to show every Thursday for sure. Though I’m going to work on getting more people in and maybe lowering prices and such. If you want to help the Anthology, join the SUBSTACK and sign up as a founder for ORIGINAL ARTWORK and the VARIANT!

Or for more:


Sharing all my project and artwork on PATREON plus Behind the scenes of osme of the freelance work, Covers, Commissions and more. Like Art Toys and also to get my comics!

REZ #1

The series tells the story of Jonathan “Rez” Reznick, a disgraced ex-cop who’s still trying to make a difference. While pursuing his brand of off-the-books justice, Reznick encounters evidence of a vast occult underground–precisely what cost him everything in the first place. Lucky for Rez, he has some help: all his past lives. Every life he’s lived is there to assist him, whether he wants it or not. Those who would corrupt the cycle of life, death, and rebirth will have to contend with Rez: a one-man army. The book is equal parts police procedural and supernatural drama. Rez is well acquainted with the evils of the material world, but how will he reckon with a menace dire enough to threaten the world beyond? Expect an engrossing mystery peppered liberally with spiritual philosophy against a backdrop of non-stop action. The origins of the souls flowing through Rez run the gamut of time and place. First stop, in issue one: the Four Noble Truths of the Buddhist Tradition.

The series will be serialized in the upcoming FWACATA anthology but here is your chance to read the first iteration for free! Also get a first look to the new issue on Patreon for just a Buck a month!


So I think thats it. I have been working on so many things that I can’t talk about yet, or shouldn’t talk about until they are done, and some other stuff is really public. All a balancing act.

And I think I’m doing it.

Thank for reading, I will type at you next week, enjoy all the INKTOBER madness as we keep chugging along. Until then also check out GOBLINFEST coming up on Halloween!  




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