The Winter Music Conference was in town, and Officers gathered for a Briefing when the Sergeant put her picture. The groan was loud across the whole meeting room, every officer cursing their day. Rinker was the first to say it, “This Bitch again?”
“Yes, indeed, gentlemen, she is going to be on patrol out there to help settle anybody too high to handle their shit. She is of upmost importance out there”
Rinker again opened his trap “She’s a snowflake Sarge, always giving us shit for… just being there” The Sarge, put his KingPad down, and looked out at his officers.
“Listen, she saved about 8 people form OD-ing with her powers, and stopped several fights and possible attempted Rapes and one guy trying to eat people. So, cut the bullshit, Rinker, show some respect and lets get this done guy”
Again a chorus of groans, but maybe a bit less incredulous this time

“Lets be safe out THERE”






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