Rounding the corner, he saw the purse snatcher dashing down the alley. It was a hot day, and Stuck was a hot mess, but decided to use that to his advantage. He bound his innards down, his head wear his ass was ( insert joke here) and exploded upwards his liquid form now stretching, he had to concentrate to keep himself together. Being made of inky stick liquid still require him to put his mind to it, like imagining a thousand small hand you had to control and tell them t close at the same time. He reached the roof, and off his momentum corkscrewed his body mid air, continuing forward, bouncing across the roof tops, he made to the other block in time to see the purse snatcher looking down the alley way confused. He shot out spice of himself, which is like shooting out the biggest booger you would ever shoot but out his hands. It hit dead cents rof the purse snatches right foot, catching him mid stride. Purse Snatcher cursed, and hit the ground hard, trying to pull his foot out of the gunk. Stuck smiled, but then forgot he was mid air, and hit the ground as a puddle. I don’t care what power you get as a an anomaly, that shit hurts. Now he had to command a thousand hands to put himself back together, and as he did refill his clothes. A crowd gathered to watch and as he stood over the purse snatcher grabbed the purse and retrieved the part of himself he shot. “Best watch your ass when you are in my hood, bruh” he said as he retrieved the purse. As the cops arrived he presented his license of Vigilance from the City of Miami, and the collar rights to the perp. Another police car arrived and the little old lady the purse belonged to stepped out. Relieved. Not speaking English , the lady was told who saved her purse, and when they pointed at Stuck, she grasped it harder in fear. They told her he was just a local super hero, but she said it’s wasn’t that, it was because he was Black. Everyone audibly groaned, but Stuck, being Stuck smiled wide, and gave her a hug, and went on his way. “Way too much shit to do, to deal with and old lady and her bullshit” as he bounded across rooftops.

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