INKTOBER DAY 16! “COMPASS” INKTOBER 2021 is on! “So why is he named that again?” Asked One-Way, looking up. “Plain and simple, the Man knows what to do” Hook said, watching in the same direction as the man known as the Compass flew in under his controlled energy blasts. He landed superhero style and even Hook was impressed, he walked up and gave a firm handshake to both of them and went inside. He inspired people to do right, because he knew right from wrong. “The fact that he was booted form the League, and they still call him in for stuff, goes to show he’s the right guy” Hook said, adding “All the right people hate him” They stood silent for a second, One way breaking the silence “For real?” “Meh sorta, I don’t know the full story on him, but the guy is cool as shit, so that all I care about” Hook and One-Way proceeded inside, the meeting was about to start.



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