“COLLIDE” INKTOBER 2021 is on!

Ruben looked at the screen, pointed at on photo; One-Way grunted an answer, “THE COLLIDE twins, brother and sister Anomaly Americans who seem to share their powers.” Rube was surprised, and before he could ask, One-way continued, clicking videos of them in action “They each have a broad set of powers, limited invulnerability, enhanced physicality to superhuman level, and energy resistance, with some enhanced sense, but one can boost that ability, by taking from the other at the moment. Some powers one Carris until the other has, the female, Dana, has a Healing Factor. In contrast, her brother Daniel has an energy blast. They each can borrow from each other when necessary just by proximity.” Ruben looked on, “Yeah, but wow, Collide?” The one power they can activate together, it seems, is to call each other out and bring themselves together. Doing so pulls with incredible force, and they use it at times to sandwich their opponent and smash them in that force.” “Damn… that serious,” seeing them smash into THE SUIT, almost pulverizing him. “Yep,” One-way said, “So go get them, Champ.” Ruben rolled his eyes…



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