INKTOBER DAY 18! “MOON” INKTOBER 2021 is on! “Look up” Dina said. The Raven looked up form adjusting his belt, and saw the moon was full. “Full Moon, city will be lit up, all the psychos will be out, busy night” he said, as a matter of fact as making a sandwich. “Did you hear about that guy though? The MOON HEADED guy?” Dina said, her crimson eyes scanning the skyline. Ravens looked at her through his visor and she went on… “Some dude, an Anomaly, whose powers are controlled by the Lunar cycle. Depending on the moon, depends the power” Raven was checking his grappling hook guy, and actually paused, “Really? …Kind of cool” Dina went on, “Yeah everything form Healing abilities, to full on Atomic Blasts! Even people say he is …. TELEPATHIC. “ Raven now paused as he was putting a new shell in his arm bazooka and looked at Dina “Really? Where can we find this guy?”



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