SUNDAY FUNDAY: The Moon is an Egg.

A long time ago, I was having Dinner with someone, and we were walking back and forth on various subject, batting ideas and such. Then, with all seriousness, this person looked at me and said, ” The Moon is an Egg” they said, with a tone like the were delivering news of a birth or a death ” You know that right?”
It was the tone, that made me not laugh and think it was a joke. It was that tone that made me think this person had fucking cracked, and is going insane. It was also this tone that made me just keep eating and look down for a second, hoping the tv would take our attention away to something else.

There are times when you are telling people your dreams, where you will sound like this. Face it.

It’s in the pursuit of life, of something more than what is present that you will look insane. Worse, you will look dumb. Fucking dumb. Stupid. And you will have to deliver your speech with that tone that yes , THE MOON IS AN EGG.

When I opened the comic shop the moon was definitely a fucking egg. It was one of those things where people said “congrats” and “way to go” but at the same time shook their heads, like knowing you will fail. 6 Years later, I’m still not sure i succeeded, but when I talk to my business partners it’s hilarious we are still here. Through the thickest (the boom in the comic industry lately, and opening the gaming lounge) and thinnest (closing for lockdwon for two months, almost closing our doors, permanently, twice) I sometimes look back and think:

Maybe the MOON IS an EGG.

Or at least my belief in Comics and Fandom is that high, I guess.


Had a lot of Freelance jump at me this week. Even if I wasn’t there, NYCC proved to help because I suddenly had people reaching out to work on new projects afterwards. Money is still flowing in the comics game, and it was good to still have old connect in to know what going on.

Had some freelance I’m doing with BEAT CULTURE and did this little diddy of a comic for a recent barrel of Bourbon:

Tongue in cheek for some booze in mouth




Doing awesome, opening our gaming store this week, working all the kinks.

More to come!

I have a buttload of work coming in, and I may be a bit more silent than need be in that time, so mind you, I’m always reachable.

I mean you are getting this on a Monday so I imagine, how busy I have been! OY.

Till then




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