The Human Battery looked up on the screen
“That’s her?”
Teklas zoomed in playing her stats across the screen, she then put her feet up and proceed to light a cigarette “Indeed, bossman, one hell of a Anomaly you got there”
His eyes scanned across various videos playing, showing a door rust to dust in second, a tree grow, and burst through a highway overpass, and Osmos The Vindicator turn into an octogenarian right before the eyes.
“Am I seeing what I’m seeing here” he said
“Yep, has the ability to Repeat time in one area, or subject, almost to infinite. Years can become Hours, cane Minutes, Can become Seconds if she wants. It take a lot out of here, but she seems to use it more for physical performance, and for learning too.” Teklas says “She can learn a language in Minutes, read a full manual in seconds, and..”
“Out maneuver someone in an instant” Human Battery said, smoldering onto the screen, he turned around
“Last known location?”
“Rockford Illinois sir” Teklas said, the chamber opening to the ships cockpit “Set a course” and the large air base made way.

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