INKTOBER 2021 is on!
Ruben and Militza looked around, the mid-day sun burning them into the ground. The Everglades held no patience for fools, and I you were to go in at that time, it’s because you wanted something. They both walked silently looking at each other, when they got into a small cove like structure of trees. Militza took out the canteen she had and took a swig, hook looking out at the plain fo Sawgrass.
“Here?” He asked, his face a fist of annoyance and sweat.
“Maybe a little more, we’re supposed to know when we get there” Militza said, handed him the canteen Ruben eyebrows twisted as a tree branch snatched the bottle

“No no no no no…” they heard, a whisper in the leaves.

Rubens claws snapped out with an audible SHAK! And Militza’s batons were in her hand with a flip cutting the air

From the ground came what can only be said was a small child in pajamas yawning. The form was a child the voice older than them itself. “Dis water sucks, friends” it spoke, it gave a smile what seems to be more of comfort for them than being threatened by them.



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