INKTOBER DAY 21 “FUZZY” INKTOBER 2021 is on! “So you just let your kid wander the park?” Alice asked as she saw her neighbor’s kid wander away into the grass. “Yep,” the mom said, the name escaping Alice, “thanks to Fuzzy.” Before she could ask, she explained the park had its hero protecting the kids named FUZZY, who wanders the park invisibly, but the kids can see him. Nobody believed in him until a kidnapping attempt a week back. Nobody knows the particulars except a van was flipped on its back, and several of the would-be kidnappers were beaten to a pulp. The group of girls they tried to take said it was A giant fuzzy monster who came roaring out to save them. Since then, parents in the area have been relaxed about leaving the kids here. Alice looked across the field, noticing the neighbor’s kid laughing in the middle of the area, kicking a ball, running, and laughing. She smiled knowingly. The kids had a place they were safe. Then she was startled when she noticed someone or something was kicking the ball back to the little girl. The neighbor cut her off with a smile. “Fuzzy,” she said, going back to her phone.

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