INKTOBER DAY 22 “OPEN” INKTOBER 2021 is on! After the night Meathook had, he was almost giggling with joy to see Martica’s was open. The light from the cafeteria window was a beacon to him. “Pero Muchcho!” She yelled at him, berating him for being out at this time of night without a shirt on. With his half-ass Hialeah Spanish, he tried to tell her clothes don’t last too long when you are fighting crime. Still, she yelled but with a smile as Ivette came walking over to take his order. “Un Cafecito, pare ahora, 5 Croquetas, un Pan Con Bistec, con bastante Cebollas cocinados, un Batido de Mamey, y un Flan” he said in perfect Spanish suddenly followed by a broken ass “por favor”  Ivette laughed and took his ticket, always flirting with the vigilante when he came at this hour to eat. Not only was the place open almost 24 hours, but it had the best food in town at any hour. He looked over and already saw the Vampire Cheerleader, Now-way, and The Raven at the windows, too ordering.  After a night of fighting crime, this was the place to be! from Instagram:



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