INKTOBER DAY 23 “Leak” INKTOBER 2021 is on!
“Did you see this?” Most conversations start like this nowadays with someone holding a fucking cell phone to your face. Ruben thought about the old-times News Barkers saying EXTRA! EXTRA! And showing you the front of a newspaper to sell it. Instead, he had Snakeboy the Serpentine holding his phone to his face.
“Geez, Snake, we are on a stakeout, not a slumber party!” He said, trying to wave away his phone. “It’s about the Leak,” Snake said, already back on his phone, reading and taking screen shots.
“Ah, okay,” Ruben said, now he cares.
The Leak had recently been on the scene, and no one in the Anomaly community knew much about him.
A supposed media vigilant, he ran around exposing corrupt city officials, drug deals, supervillains, heroes, and all in between. Seemingly nobody was safe from his lens, and if there was dirt on you hew Ould take it. People think he was an ordinary guy, or gal, possibly under the mask from the few run-ins with him.
He had an array of surveillance equipment and a super-engineered bike he used to get around many times; nobody could catch up with him in time to capture and/or praise him. He would put a signature watermark on everything, a crying eye looking up, and he would release it online with exclusive hard copies showing up to appreciate authorities. Ruen liked him because he was the right mix of hated and loved by many in the community.
To Ruben, he was the real deal.
Dude, he’s going after the Mayor now, exposing a bunch of bullshit deals and behind the scene stuff,” Snakeboy said, “This guy is out of hand.”
Meathook gave him a tap as he saw THE COLLIDE twins walking out of Shuffles Pawnshop on North Miami.
“Time for us to make some news, Serpenteen” he said Snakeboy gave out a hiss
“Lessssssssgooooo” and became invisible.
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