INKTOBER DAY 24 “Extinct”

INKTOBER 2021 is on!

“No Way,” One-Way said, with his Chicken Szechuan in hand in the middle of the Mall food court. He walked to the table and tapped Martin “The Knot” Gutierrez on the shoulder. “Look!” Martin looked up, pissed that he was being bothered on his day off, his eyes rolling already, hoping it wasn’t some guy robbing the food court or something. “Oh Shit,” He said, not realizing what One-way was excited about. It was him, the LORD EXTINCT himself. Superhero/Villain/Retired guy. He was like the J.D. Salinger of Superheroes. “Right? That’s him!” One-Way looked; even his featureless face couldn’t hide his excitement. “What the hell is doing here?” Martin couldn’t believe it was his day off; if not, he would walk over in his uniform and talk it up more, but he’s wearing cargo shorts and a HOOF ARTED shirt right now. “Should we … go talk to him?” One-way asked, already sweating through his Invulnerable Skin. The Knot thought for a moment, and knowing what he knew, The Extinct lord was a villain, fighting humanity’s constant pollution and destruction of the earth. Supposedly her got his powers by gaining the abilities of Extinct animals. He could channel it. He later because a hero, a face for the Environment. Then, obscurity. It was weird. He wrote some articles, did make an appearance, and supposedly saved the earth a couple of times. At least that is what The Human Battery had said, and even Meathook gives the guys respect. “Nah, man, the guy is here in the mall, and for us to walk up and fanboy out, it would just be….” The Knot was cut-off but a voice behind them. LORD EXTINCT stood himself, in a complete dad-bod outfit, smiling, holding his smoothie. He said, “Just wanted to shake your hands; I’m a big fan.” The Knot almost shit himself.

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