SUNDAY FUNDAY: Be Curious, not Judgmental

SIX-GUN SAWYER illustration for HEX GAMES

Hello from Miami, Florida, where 72 Degrees is considered “WINTERTIME” somehow. You can go outside for 5 seconds without screaming violent curses, and nighttime brings a smile. It’s also starting to get Snow Birds in. Between northern assholes and Canadian jerk-offs, the eye-rolling is at Summer levels again.
Recently been Watching TED LASSO on APPLE TV, and it’s actually quite good. Even though it’s getting a bit cartoony going into the second season, I have genuinely enjoyed it. I always think Good Art is the stuff that sticks to you. You keep thinking about it after the fact.
I like Ted Lasso as a character, and Jason Sudeikis as an actor is highly likable too. Confident but friendly, never admonishing, but overall a cool force to reckon. TED as a character is what interests me the most. The idea of being so damn forthright and upbeat to clash and, in the end, win over the staunchest darkest English dry-witted pessimism is not only ridiculously American but something I want to subscribe to.
I’ve been punk rock for a long fucking time. Too long, really. And when I mean Punk rock, I mean really angry. I took it out on everyone. It’s one of my prouder things now that people sometimes say, “I could never see you being like that.”
“Ah, Good,” I think. “It Means I’m hiding it well.”
Because I still think those horrible thoughts. I still hold my breath and bite my tongue, doing everything in my power to make sure I don’t call someone an asshole or even yet embarrass someone. Even if they are acting shitty, I try to find a way to interject, so they shift gears or get the fuck out of there.
This is what they call wisdom. I think.
So to see a character, fictional as they are, do it with a lousy joke and witty repertoire. I know it’s not real, and it’s a team of writers getting all those words out, but still. I dig it. Hopefully, it will fill the next part of my life
Anyway, have a variant cover. Hopefully to reveal in the next week or so, just waiting for approval. I have another one in the works, but I think I’m getting shot down. Sucks too, because I have done jobs for the other company, but I guess my name is mud right now.

It’s kind of a kick in the stomach, really.


Well, in dealing with Rejection.

Sat down today and just started mulling over my feelings after a possible rejection from my dream project I wanted to do. So I channeled that into a podcast! You see that making wine out of water, making lemons out of lemonade… Oh wait no what?


IS CHUGGING ALONG! I see the home stretch coming up now and I’m excited to get this in the can. I WILL BE MAKING A ZINE for the PATREON or for sale here, a digital one and a physical one, I think for people to collect.


Have a cover coming out for AFTERSHOCK for MANIAC OF NEW YORK! I’m just sharing a part of the sketch for now, but soon I will put out the full cover when it’s available for you guys to order! Check it out soon from ComicXposure.


Game store is bumping and we are working up to next week GOBLINFEST!


Hialeah Premiere Nerd Fest is at it again
The events start at noon and go till MIDNIGHT
Join us for excellent local Vendors, Artists, Bands, and COSPLAY CONTEST!-COSPLAY COSTUME CONTEST!
We will be doing this by crowd favorite, so bring people to cheer you on, as we are giving away a $100 Cash prize for the best costume! It will start at 7 pm with presentations, and then at 9 pm, we announce the winner through crowd cheers with a decibel meter! We are not only looking for craftsmanship but also originality, handy work, and presentation!- SMASH BROS TOURNEY!
$50 Second Place!
The tournament starts at 6 pm with warm-up games starting at 3 pm
Bands announced soon!- ARTIST ALLEY selling and doing their work!
Artists announced soon-VENDORS of all types
Vendors, please hit up Juan 305-343-3577 for set up.- HUGE SALE IN THE SHOP!
Up to 50% off all items in store!!If you would like to attend as many of the above, please hit us up with an email at or come in and talk to Juan or John in the shop! Or call the shop 786-717-6050
More news to come!

Working hard to wrap up everything before the holidays. I will be going dark once Thanksgiving starts, a thing I do during the holidays. I like to get away from social media, be around family and friends, and also focus on my work without having to post stuff during that time. Just a heads up.

Alright, thank you for reading and for generally giving attention to my work. I am gonna go TED LASSO it up, and be a better me,







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