INKTOBER DAY 26 “CONNECT” INKTOBER 2021 is on! “So, you said you had to get something?” Psi-Klops asked, his little legs running to keep up with Jackie. “Yep, he should be right here” she looked down at her phone, fiddling with her screen. “What do you mean “He?” I thought we were getting the stuff for tonight out of storage?!?” Psi asked, shifting his one big eye around the empty street Jackie closed her phone and tuned to him “..and where do you think I would keep the Spear of Ra and the Feather of Quetzalcoatl at? A storage unit?” A blinding light flashed behind her, and there, for the lack of better words, stood what seemed to be a homeless guy in a trench coat, smoke coming off him. “Password?”

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