INKTOBER DAY 25 “SPLAT” INKTOBER 2021 is on! It wasn’t so much the hit, as much as the noise afterward that shook Snakeboy. He had gone in to get a coffee with Ruben, and when he saw that STUCK was there, he b-lined right to him, telling him to get him a Cold Brew. Between the line and order, it took a bit, but he couldn’t find Ruben anywhere until he heard a shout when he came out. Rounding the corner, he could listen to STUCK yelling. Snakeboy finally heard “She deserved it!” when Hook got in his face again, asking him, “Say it again.” I don’t think STUCK got past She before Ruben blasted him in the face, and the sound of an Organic Liquid being hitting brick was brutal to hear. It was a cartoon SPLAT he had heard. SPLAT!  Snakeboy walked up to Ruben, who was breathing hard, and told him sheepishly, “They didn’t have Splenda, so I got you …” and trailed off.  The pause was as bad as the splat, Snakeboy thought.  “He had hit his girlfriend. He used his cop connections to pin her on something. He was being found out but slid off the charges by making a deal. Had to set him straight. ” Snakeboy looked for a second and then spit on STUCK as he was putting himself together again.  “Well, fuck him then,” handing the coffee to Ruben.



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