“The Human Battery could absorb any and all energy directed at him, hold it, and let it out as a variant every. This can go in various forms: chemical, electrical, radiant, mechanical, thermal, and nuclear, but always different from what he absorbs.” Tekla explained. Her Palms sweating as she looked across the room and saw virtually the most influential people in the world hanging on her every word. “And that explains..?” Said THE RAVEN, hopefully looking at her through a featureless mask. “That explains how the Human Battery absorbed the nuclear blast in Taiwan, and avert it to space, Mr. Ravan, sir,… I mean Raven” Teklass was sweating through her crappy office jacket she could feel. The Piller, being the Piller, raises his hand. “Oh.. mister… Pillar” She aid, short laugh “You don’t need to raise your hand.” “Please just Calle me, Pete. I wanted to know, does he have control of his powers?” “Yes, he does, almost absolute until higher levels,” Teklas Answered “Then how did the incident in Cincinnati happen?” She panicked and looked up the files in her Computer brain and bought them on screen. There she showed the situation in Cincinnati, a Supermax prison full of the most ruthless supervillain had a breakout and had a massive gas leak. It showed clearly The Human Battery showing up and saving staff and guards before Turing and looking at the prisoners inside. He concentrated a moment and rubbed his finger. A single spark emerged, and over 120 of the worst people a society could produce roared into flames. The Piller Looked on, “He’s….. he’s Smiling.”

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