Miami Dade Anomaly Correctional Facility was the regular roar of Anomaly powered criminals and would-be criminals through the cells. Of course they all say they are innocent. Connors and Rodriguez walk across hearing the taunts, and noises, all the usual as they spoke about one certain prisoner. “Sooooo… let me get this straight” Conner started, blonde hair gleaming from the skylight, his broken nose the only thing you could say was wrong with him “Says here he’s a Pyrokinetic that has his powers tied to a healing factor of protoplasmic level?” Rodriguez, huffed and puffed his heavy build keeping with Connors as they made across the yard. “ I call it Pyroplasmic Levels, because when he uses his powers, it literally burns his flesh off” “And then it regrows, right?” Said Connors, his face twisting at seeing some of the photos inside. “Yes, but not 100% though we think he may have a possible renewal effect to it” Rodriguez said, at this point Connors stops walking “Which means?” Clearing his throat, Rodriguez continued “ He could burn himself out to ash, and then comeback whole, brand new, 100% like a …” Connors cut him off, semi-pissed “Phoenix, yeah, no… no use of the PH word man, you know that” They both started walking again, Connors now twisting his face in thought “What the subject name again ?” “Bernie” “You fucking kidding me?”

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